Summoners War 2 – Everything we know and want


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Summoners War 2 – Will it happen soon? 

Summoners War is a great game, but we can’t deny that it is not aging like fine wine. Right up to this point, the game competes for the Top Grossing spots on both iOS and Play Store. There are even constant updates that keep on fueling the interest of players. Unfortunately, there are deeply engraved problems that call for a Summoners War 2.  

We’ll get straight to the point – there is currently no rumor of Summoners War 2. But how possible is it in the future? 


Why Com2us probably won’t develop Summoners War 2 anytime soon 

It’s Still Profitable 

Summoners War is still profitable. In fact, the last time I redownloaded the game, it was still one of the top-grossing apps on Playstore. Of course, it’s a gacha game, so it gets a lot of love from whales. Even if you factor in Com2us’s expenses from manpower, gear, and the need to maintain processing power for RTA, they likely earn a lot.  

Releasing Summoners War 2 will divide the fanbase into two making both games less profitable in the process. 


It will drive the whales and long-time players away 

After six years of spending and grinding, what will you feel if Summoners War 2 pops up? It’s a likely sign that Summoners War is about to be abandoned, so will you even play Summoners War 2? That being said, if they somehow release a completely different game disguised as Summoners War 2, it will be an entirely different story. For instance, if they make Summoners War 2 a real-time MMORPG, then it makes sense for them to continue both Summoners War game. 


Why Com2us will eventually develop Summoners War 2 

Summoners War may not die anytime soon, but the six years of age make it obvious that the graphics and sound effects are getting a little old. For instance, some of the game’s BGM loop awkwardly. In addition, the sound effects have limited channels, making them unable to overlap. We don’t know if it can be fixed by an engine update or it will take an entire revamp. 

The game is also missing a lot of key quality of life features likely automating the repetition of dungeon runs. This is present in other gacha games like DX2 and Chanstrike, so why not include it in SW? Let’s just hope that it won’t take SW2 to include this feature. 

Eventually, Summoners War’s age will become obvious as the user experience for its competitors evolve. Some issues may be solved by patches, but there will come a point that it will take an entire redesign to solve the issues. Let’s all hope that the future Summoners War 2 will simply be a major revamp – an across-the-board improvement  


What We want to see in Summoners War 2 

Reward Summoners War players 

Of course, they should reward those who stuck with them for years! If Summoners War 2 somehow has the same gameplay, it will be cool if they will let old players transfer their entire roster and runes. 


Improved Rune System 

The rune system is arguably one of the aspects of Summoners War that stops it from being a great Esports game. What if, they make runes customizable? What if, instead of making players repeatedly farm runes, make them farm rune mats that they can use to customize their runes? 


Remove Gacha 

There are hero collector games that do not need you to gacha pull. One such example is King’s Raid. Just make it so that it takes a ton of resources to summon your chosen monster. We won’t even mind if they include summon timers (e.g. you have to wait for 24 hours to complete your summon).  

The problem will be giving players a reason to summon more monsters. Specifically, the dilemma lies in making every monster useful and making the quantity of monsters matter. The latter can be solved by having more content similar to sieges. Maybe even throw in a PVP (not GVG) siege mode where players can only use their own monsters. Imagine that, arranging your own army of monsters to defend siege towers!  

Another solution is a PVP or PVE mode where you will have “bench” monsters. A good example of this system is Neomonsters, a gacha game where players fight with 16 monster lineups. They just have to arrange the order of their monsters. I personally believe that this will work quite well in a non-gacha system. 

We don’t know how soon we will see Summoners War 2, but let’s hope that it’s a less RNG-based game that won’t drive away veterans. For now, you can enjoy  Summoners War on PC and continue the grind even when you are on PC!  


Summoners War Spin-offs 

Com2us is hard at work taking advantage of the iconic status of Summoners War to even dabble with IP expansion, even working with Skybound Entertainment to create a so-called Summoners War Universe Bible. It’s a compilation of 150 years of in-game lore. Let’s hope that it will be in par with IPs with great lore like Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft and others. 

One of the confirmed Summoners War Spin-off is Summoners War: Chronicles. It’s a real-time MMORPG that works like Guardian Hunter RPG, an MMORPG where the player can play as distinct classes and summon monsters. Another game is Summoners War: Lost Centuria, yet another industry-changing game as it is the first one to offer Adaptive Performance by Unity Technologies and Samsung Technologies.


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