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Marvel’s Spider Man Trophy Guide – How to Get All the Trophies


It’s always fun to play an open-world game because you get the freedom to explore it. It’s a great way to take a break from completing the game’s campaign mode and just enjoy what it has to offer. One such game that provides this open-world experience is Marvel’s Spider-Man. The action-adventure game allows players to explore the world of Spider-Man. But exploring can get boring, which is why open-world games usually have achievements or trophies that players can try to get. Thankfully, our Marvel’s Spider Man Trophy Guide lets you familiarize with them.

There are many different trophies for you to collect in this Spider-Man game. Some you will likely get from playing the campaign mode, while others you’ll have to search for yourself. To help you with that, we’ll list all of the available trophies in the game, as well as how to get them.

Marvel's Spider-Man gameplay
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Marvel’s Spider Man Trophy Guide – Base Game Trophies

We’ll begin the list with the base game of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The bulk of the trophies you can collect will come from the base game of Spider-Man. There are a total of 51 trophies to be acquired with one platinum, two gold, ten silver, and 38 bronze.

Platinum & Gold Trophies

The platinum trophy is called Be Greater and is acquired once you get all of the trophies in the base game. For the two gold, they are:

  • Superior Spider-Man – Unlock all of Spider-Man’s skills
  • I Heart Manhattan – Complete all of the districts.

Silver Trophies

There are 10 silver trophies to acquire in the game. The first two trophies involve defeating Taskmaster (Master of Masters trophy) and tracking down the hero/villain Black Cat (Cat Prints trophy). A majority of the tasks here are taking down criminal factions, as four of the trophies can be acquired when you take down these factions. Below are trophies you get for taking out criminal factions:

  • All the King’s Men – It’s acquired after you take out all of Fisk’s Camp
  • Back in the Slammer – You get this for taking down all of the Prisoner Camp
  • Inner Sanctuary – Take out all of the Demon Warehouse to get this trophy
  • Mercenary Tactics – Take down all of the Sable Outpost

Completing certain things also provides a high trophy count in Spider-Man. There are currently four silver trophies to be acquired for completing things. And these trophies are:

  • Backpacker – Get all the backpacks
  • A Suit For All Seasons – Buy all of Spider-Man’s Suits
  • Schooled – Complete all the available Corrupted School missions
  • Neighborhood Watch – Complete all of the Faction Crimes in a district.

Bronze Trophies

Most trophies in the Base Game are bronze. There’s a total of 38 of them and many are easy to get. Some examples are Spider-Man About Town (you greet 10 citizens), Wing It (navigate across the rooftops), and Lost and Found (get five backpacks). Other easy trophies to get are With Great Power (pay respects at Uncle Ben’s grave), Hero For Hire (stand on top of Avengers Tower), Born to Ride (ride the subway five times), and Sightseeing (take pictures of all Landmarks).

Completing the easy-to-get trophies are Snappy Dresser (wear five new Spider Suits), Amazing Coverage (activate all Surveillance Towers), and Sticky and Tricky (chain 4 unique tricks before landing). Other bronze trophies are acquired as you progress like Demons Emerge (complete Act 1), The Six Assemble (complete Act 2), End Game (complete Act 3), and the Scientific Method (craft your first upgrade).

Here are more trophies you acquire as you progress And Stay Down (complete level 1 Combat Benchmark), King of Swing (complete level 1 Traverse Benchmark), Overdrive (complete 10 vehicle takedowns), Spider-Sensible (perfect dodge 10 attacks), Hug It Out (knock together 10 enemies using trip mines), and Science FTW (craft 15 upgrades).

Completing all of the bronze trophies is as follows:

  • Short Fuse – Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge
  • Fists of Fury – Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Combat Challenge
  • Ninja – Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Stealth Challenge
  • Spy Hunter – Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Drone Challenge
  • Challenge Finder – Complete every Taskmaster Challenge in the city once
  • Pigeon Hunter – Catch all of Howard’s Pigeons
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man – Complete all Side Missions


Marvel's Spider-Man battle taskmaster
Image Source: Marvel’s Spider-Man Battle Taskmaster


Defeating Enemies to Win Trophies

Some trophies require you to defeat enemies. It includes Fisk (Knocking Down Kingpin trophy), Li (Staying Positive trophy), Electro and Vulture (Grounded trophy), Scorpion and Rhino (Sting and Smash trophy, Shocker (Shock and Awe trophy), and Tombstone (Tombstone Takedown trophy). Other bronze trophies to get are Ace the Base (complete all objectives in a base), A Bit of a Fixer-Upper (complete all optional projects in the lab), Cat’s Out of the Bag (Collect Black Cat collectible), R&D (complete all Research Stations), and Arachnophobia (complete 75 stealth takedowns).

Marvel's Spider-Man defeat fisk
Image Source: Marvel’s Spider-Man Defeat Fisk


The DLC Trophy Packs

For this section, we’ll list down all of the trophies you can acquire from the DLCs of Marvel’s Spider-Man. There are a total of 23 trophies to be acquired across four DLC packs. The DLC Trophy Pack 1 will only have 2 trophies while the remaining DLCs have seven each. Let’s look at what those trophies are.

DLC Trophy Pack 1

There are only two trophies to acquire in the DLC Trophy Pack 1. And those are the silver trophy Power and Responsibility (complete a playthrough on Ultimate difficulty) and One More Time (complete a New Game+ playthrough).

DLC Trophy Pack 2

For DLC Trophy Pack 2, there are seven trophies with one each for gold and silver and five for bronze. The gold trophy is Seduced by the City (complete CTNS: The Heist 100%) and the silver trophy is Screwy (get Spectacular or better in Screwball Challenges). For the bronze trophy, the five are:

  • Bye Felicia – Complete the Follow the Money mission
  • The Cat Came Back – Complete The Maria mission
  • The Long Con – Complete the Like A Fiddle mission
  • Here Kitty-Kitty – Complete the Black Cat chase
  • Disorganized Crime – Complete all Crimes in a district

DLC Trophy Pack 3

Like with DLC Trophy Pack 2, the seven trophies will come with one gold, one silver, and five bronze. The gold trophy is The City is My Family (complete CTNS: Turf Wars 100%), while the silver is Turning the Screw (get a Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenge). The bronze trophies to get are:

  • Pulling the Trigger – Complete the Blindsided mission
  • Prohibition – Take down all the Hammerhead Front
  • Crossing the Thin Blue Line – Complete the Lockup mission
  • Steel Skull, Glass Jaw – Complete the Bring the Hammer Down mission
  • The Gang War – Complete all Crimes in a district

DLC Trophy Pack 4

The last pack is the DLC Trophy Pack 4 which also has seven trophies with one gold, one silver, and five bronze. The gold trophy is The City Sleeps (Complete CTNS: Silver Lining 100%) and the silver trophy is Screwballed (get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenge). Completing the trophy list for Marvel’s Spider-Man so far are the five bronze below:

  • Unacceptable – Complete the Scale of Justice mission
  • Frenemies – Complete the Old Friends mission
  • The Wages of War – Complete the Aiding a Human mission
  • Unplugged – Complete all Screwball chase
  • Terminated – Complete the One Plus One Equals Win mission

Unlock Trophies with Marvel’s Spider Man Trophy Guide

Now that you know all of the unlockable trophies in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can explore the open-world universe more freely. Play the game now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. For more guides like this one, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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