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Fully released by Plarium last 2021, Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a 5 vs. 5 multiplayer mecha shooting game ideal for any player. Particularly, it is a perfect choice for players who love playing short matches. Though the game offers short tournaments, still it provides wide content for you to explore.

Mech Arena works in a third-person shooting perspective, and players are set to battle against other teams. The team with the most kills and high points at the end of the round will be declared the winner. To help you understand more about the whereabouts of this game, let this Mech Arena Beginner’s Guide help you out.

Mech Arena Beginner Guide – Shooting With Your Utmost Strategy

In Mech Arena, there are loads of weapons and Mech models to try on. You can freely choose what you wish to use in the game. Like the usual games, the game offers an arsenal sports spot where you can access numerous mechs that you can use in your battles. Take note that you can elevate the power of your Mech by equipping them with powerful weapons or upgrading the Mech itself.

Generally, the Mech Arena offers loads of content ready to be unveiled by you. There are also different machines to modify. But, if you wish to progress or end up victorious in this game, you must come up with multiple strategies, not only on the battlefield but also in handling your Mech. Fortunately, we have prepared some Mech Arena tips and tricks that will also help you progress in the game.

Mech Arena Guide
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Understanding the Customizations & Controls

As you play Mech Arena, you’ll surely notice the familiar twin-stick controls of the game. The controls are set in a specific location if you haven’t yet seen the game. On your left side, it controls the movements of your Mech, while on the right side, it tackles the aiming part. Aside from aiming, the right-side controls are in charge of firing weapons and releasing the ability of the Mech.

Aside from the twin-stick controls, the game also uses a gauge that will be filled with every movement of your Mech. Once the gauge is filled, the speed of your Mech will increase for a specific time or when your Mech stops moving forward. Take note that this bonus speed has its cooldown. So it will be best to use it more strategically or when you wish to reach a certain location quickly.

Your chosen Mech will also be using a two-range weapon. You can select from the vast collection of weapons; it can be sniper rifles, machine guns, lasers, and more. You can use your chosen weapon in two ways: set it to fire or utilize it as your individual shooting weapon.

Mech Arena Guide

Another useful Mech Arena tip and trick about your weapon is that you must reload its supplies to shoot your enemy simultaneously. You can refill it by emptying your supplies or accessing the ammo counters beneath your game screen. To reload your weapon, you can choose any way through your control menu.

If there is a vast collection of weapons, different types of Mechs are also available here. Currently, there are 19 Mechs on duty, each of which depicts unique abilities on the battlefield. To activate the skills of your chosen Mech, you can explore the right controls and see which abilities suit offense, crowd control, team buffing, and more. Take note that each ability of your Mech also works with a cooldown.

Getting To Know More Your War Machines

As mentioned above in this Mech Arena Guide, there are 19 Mechs available in the game, and you can usually obtain them by participating in time-limited events. In the beginning, you’ll be initially set with Paragon, and after the tutorial, you’ll get Lancer. As you progress, you can unlock more Mechs along with the weapons.

To unlock more Mechs and weapons, you must strive to level up your profile first. You can do this by winning and participating in various matches. Take note that each action you do in the game can be taken as your experience points needed to level up. These actions can be killing your enemies, fulfilling an objective, and winning the battle. If you wish to fasten the unlocking process, you can purchase the Mech or weapon immediately.

To buy a Mech or weapon, you need to use “Credits,” the game’s standard currency. You can usually earn these credits through daily tasks or weekly challenges. Like the other games, this game also works with a premium currency called “A” coin, and it is hard to obtain.

Energy Caps

Another thing you must know about Mechs is that they have “Energy caps,” which can significantly affect the performance of your weapons. Sometimes, a particular Mech can only accommodate a single weapon. If you wish to utilize more weapons in your Mech, it will best if you’ll double the Energy caps.

Mech Arena Guide

In Mech Arena, you can have multiple Mechs in your hangar. In the beginning, you can accommodate one Mech, and soon, you can have five slots. You need to use your regular credits for the additional two, while the other two slots will ask you to spend premium credits.


Another thing that you should focus on in this game is collecting blueprints to upgrade your equipment. You can usually get these blueprints through loot boxes you’ve got after any match. Once you’ve collated enough blueprints, you can upgrade your Mech or weapon.

By upgrading your Mech or weapon, you can increase the overall performance of your Mech, and you’ll notice an increase in stats. Upgrading can boost the damage-dealing of your weapon and your Mech’s health. You can also try elevating the prowess of your Mech by obtaining special equipment through special bonuses.

Aside from providing amazing blueprints for your Mech or weapons, the said loot boxes can also give you new skins and colors. You can also customize your weapons by using your credits.

The Compelling Game Modes

In Mecha Arena: Robot Showdown, there are two game modes you can immerse in; Control Point Clash and Deathmatch. You can access the first one once you’ve started the game, while the other once you’ve reached a certain level.

When we say Control Point Clash, it is the game mode where two teams will battle each other to conquer the territory. While in Deathmatch, you must kill all your enemies before the time ends. Usually, these game modes only last for a few minutes.

To declare the winner in each game mode, there will be combat points to achieve, and you can get them by killing any of your opponents. Once you’ve obtained enough combat points, you’ll be rewarded with victory points corresponding to the awards you’ll receive in the loot boxes.

Mech Arena Guide


Mech Arena Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the Mech Arena tips and tricks you can use in the game to progress effectively;

1. Strategically Reload Your Weapon

If you’re in the middle of the battle and your weapons have already reached low supplies, try to distance yourself from your enemies and find time to reload your weapon. Remember that you must always ensure your weapon is fully reloaded before immersing yourself in a fight.

Mech Arena Beginner Guide


2. Fulfill All Your Tasks

As mentioned above in the Mech Arena guide, there are daily and weekly tasks to complete in the game. You must remember to complete these tasks as they will help you earn credits and even A coins. Those coins are used to upgrade your current Mech or unlock a particular Mech. Also, these tasks reward some loot boxes that include amazing rewards.

Mech Arena Guide


3. Don’t Forget the Map

In Mecha Arena, there is a small map in the game screen’s upper left corner. Try always to observe this map to avoid unnecessary obstacles or enemies. By using the map, you can come up with a good strategy on how to outwit your enemies.

Mech Arena Beginner Guide


4. Use the Most Powerful Mech

To dominate the game effectively, you must invest in a high-performing Mech that can efficiently help you withstand any enemy from start to finish. Investing in fast Mechs will be best to navigate the spawning spot faster. One of the best Mechs in the game are Lancer, Juggernaut, and Killshot.

Mech Arena Beginner Guide


Top the Game Using the Mech Arena Beginner’s Guide

So, there you have it! We hope this Mech Arena guide will help you better understand the game and end up victorious. To step up in the game, you must start developing your strategies and outrank all your enemies successfully.

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