Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Review: An Action-Packed Hero Adventure


Back in 1962, when the last issue of Amazing Fantasy was about to be released, Stan Lee decided to introduce Marvel’s Spider-Man to the anthology comic series. Surprisingly, the once failing comic series became a huge hit‒saved by the newly created superhero, Spider-Man! Since then, the character rose to popularity and now has its place in pop culture.

Then in 2002, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie became a huge commercial success and it instantly became a crowd favorite. It also opened a lot of opportunities for the web-slinging hero. This includes more Spidey movies, TV series, and even games on various platforms. And one of the more recent games from this hero franchise is the PlayStation game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.>

This action-packed game was a huge hit since its release September 2018. It garnered a lot of positive reviews from both players and critics. It truly was a great masterpiece from Insomniac Games (developer) and Sony Interactive Entertainment (publisher).

As proof of its grandiosity, it won many awards and nominations on its first year of release. At the 2018 Gamer’s Choice Awards, it bagged three awards, namely the “Fan Favorite Action Game”, “Fan Favorite Single Player Gaming Experience”, and “Fan Favorite Character of the Year”.

The game also took home the “Best Console Game Sony PlayStation 4” award in the 2018 Gamescom Awards, which was Europe’s Biggest Game Conference. In July 2019, it was hailed as the Best-Selling Superhero Video Game of all-time in the US by Video Game Industry Analyst, Mat Piscatella. All the fanfare surrounding the game is not just pure hype. Marvel’s Spider-Man deserves the commercial and critical success it achieved, and below are some reasons why.


Jam-Packed with Endless Action

If you think that the game looks and plays out like a Spider-Man movie, then you are right! This game does take you on an exhilarating, web-slinging adventure‒just like the movies. However, it packs more punches than its movie counterparts (literally). By that, we mean that the game contains more action than you have ever seen in most Spider-Man movies.

When it comes to fighting criminals and sinister big bosses like Norman Osborn, Kingpin, and Mister Negative, the game truly highlights Spider-Man’s abilities and skills in combat. Therefore, you can expect more intense high-flying action and aerial battles from this game.


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You’ll also get to see Spider-Man in different combat mechanics. In other words, you can see him fight with melees, unique gadgets, and stealth weapons. You can also customize his combat suits, each possessing a unique ability that can help him in battle. Among these are the famous Iron Spider Suit, the Dark Suit, MK II Armor, and more. All of the suits in the game are based on both movies and comics.


Highly-Interactive Marvel’s Spider-Man Storytelling

It may look and play out like the usual Spider-Man movie, but the game has its own storyline that is not based on any of its movies or comics. One could argue that the main campaign is a standalone Spider-Man movie on its own.

The storyline of the game is not bad at all. From start to finish, every element of the story is in sync with the gameplay. From the interactions of every character to the missions of the game, every piece is sewn wonderfully‒creating a compelling narrative that makes it truly enjoyable and rewarding for the player.


Movie-Like Visuals and Soundtracks

Aside from the story, the visuals and the soundtrack also adds an interesting element to the game, making it worthy to be called a Marvel masterpiece. With its high-quality and cinematic graphics, you’ll definitely want to play the game more.


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Both the soundtracks and sound effects blend well. It adds more drama, stimulates reality, and heightens the cinema-like atmosphere of the game. Overall, Marvel’s Spider-Man is worth the hype and is truly making a benchmark in the PlayStation gaming community.