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WoW Classic Enchanting Profession Guide for Newbies


Enchantment is a fantastic skill that employs magic to increase a player’s power. The occupation has long been a mainstay of the game thanks to the additional utility and damage boosts provided by the enchantments. WoW Classic Enchanting will be essential for individuals who want to max out their characters in order to prepare for raiding.

The profession in this open world game that is most useful is probably enchanting. Any player who wants to increase their capacity for damage and survival will need the benefits that come from enchanting their equipment. The main goal of enchanting is to provide armor and weapons with magical abilities. The Disenchant Icon Disenchant objects that have previously been empowered in order to do that, turning them into useful Dusts, Essences, and Shards that may be used as the raw resources for their Enchantments.

It is extremely advised to learn this job as soon as you can due to the skill’s importance so that you can begin disenchanting any rare (green) or better objects you discover to gather the necessary ingredients. A number of armor parts can have additional stats added by enchanters, and they can also increase the damage of weapons. Another reason gamers go for an enchanter is that doing this gives the weapon a glowing aesthetic appearance. Rings and necklaces cannot be enchanted in WoW Classic, which is a significant distinction from WoW Retail.

Enchanting guide
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Profession & Enchanting

If you utilize cloth armor, you should think about taking up tailoring because it pairs well with enchanting because both professions don’t need gathering resources. It also has the advantage of allowing you to Disenchant Icon Disenchant Tailoring goods that were either manufactured while leveling your profession or specifically designed to be Disenchant Icon Disenchanted, as detailed in the section Obtaining Enchanting Components from Tailoring.

If you don’t wear Cloth Armor, enchanting can be used with either of the other gathering disciplines, such as Herbalism, Skinning, or Mining, to gain some extra money.

Seeking Your Mentor

Any Enchanting trainer, which you may locate in most capital cities, will teach you the art of enchantment. Any City Guard can provide directions after you get to your city. You can go to the enchanting teacher after requesting them. It will be noted on your map, so you can study enchanting and new formula as you rank them up.

Alliance Trainers for Enchanting

  • Traveler Alanna Raveneye: Teldrassil, The Oracle Glade (36,34 on the wider map)
  • Stormwind City’s Mage Quarter: Lucan Cordell (expert) (42,64)
  • Ironforge and Great Forge: Gimble Thistlefuzz (Expert) (59,45)
  • Feralas, Feathermoon Stronghold: Xylinna Starshine (Expert) (31,44)
  • The Tower of Azora, Elwynn Forest: Kitta Firewind (Artisan): (64,70)

Enchanting Horde Trainers

  • Godan (Expert): The Drag of Orgrimmar (53,38)
  • Lavinia Crowe (Expert): The Apothecarium and Undercity (62,61)
  • Mot Dawnstrider (Expert): Central and Thunder Bluffs (45,38)
  • Hgarth (Artisan): Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon Mountains (49,57)
  • Trainers with No Magical Effects
  • Annora (Master): South of the Temple Hall, in a cave in Uldaman Dungeon.

The Basics of Enchanting & Disenchanting Items

To enchant objects, enchanters require a specially prepared Runed Rod. Your first one, an Icon Runed Copper Rod, which you will learn to make after you master this vocation, is a runed copper rod. You will construct stronger ones as you develop your enchanting skills so that you can use higher-level enchantments.

You must use the Disenchant Icon Disenchant skill on at least Uncommon (green) quality level armor and weapons in order to provide the resources. An item can be permanently destroyed by being disenchanted, which converts it into enchanting components like Dusts, Essences, Shards, or Crystals. You can only do Icon Disenchanting with caution so as to avoid regret.

Do not panic if you select the incorrect item for Icon Disenchant; merely hit the “Escape” button or reposition your character before completing the cast, and Icon Disenchant will abort, saving the item.

Additionally, you can enchant other players by using the Trade interface. When a player requests that you enchant their stuff, they will create a Trade and place their items in the “Will not be exchanged” slot. Select the desired formula, then apply it to the object there to apply the enchant.

Image Source: WoW Classic Enchanting Guide


Fastrack Your Enchanting

Crafting orange goods in your occupation menu ensures a skill increase for every craft, therefore you should do so whenever it is affordable to do so if you want to level Enchanting quickly. Yellow is a suitable substitute for orange if you can’t craft orange because this typically increases skill.

Green dishes are only worthwhile when the options are few or pricey because they rarely award you with skill points. A skill point cannot be awarded to you at all by gray recipes, so keep that in mind as well.

The following table lists the enchanting profession level brackets:

  • Apprentice Level: Starts at 1 skill level and progresses to level 75 after acquiring at character level 5;
  • Journeyman Level: Learnable at Level 10, increases to 150 at 50 skill levels;
  • Expert Level: After character level 20, you can learn it; at 125 skill levels, it increases to 225;
  • Artisan Level: Learnable at level 35, rises up to 300 at skill level 200, and is the highest level of enchantment.

Learn from the WoW Classic Enchanting Guide

Do take note that the tips provided in this article are just the basics. It’s because the enchanting profession is intricate in comparison others. Nevertheless, just follow the tips shown here and the rest will eventually follow. And if you need more tips regarding the classic WoW or the novels, just stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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