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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Top 5 Reasons to Get Hyped


Legiana, Anjanath, Velocidrome, and Rathalos are among the few that will show up in the latest narrative-driven Monster Hunter Stories 2. While it may be a far cry from its predecessors, Stories sets a refreshing tone that feels more like a love letter to fans than just another blatant cash-grab with the words “Monster Hunter” slapped onto it.

Whether you’re new to the series or a fan since 2004, Stories 2 may be more than what you expect. It is set for a global release this July 9, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC.

A Story Set in the Monster Hunter Universe

Okay, so Monster Hunter (MH) may not be all about the stories. In fact, it’s all about the monsters, right? However, the best thing that Capcom can do with the franchise when it comes to a spin-off is either turn it into a fighting game or a story-driven turn-based RPG. As it turns out, they went for the latter and it just suits the world.

Your Favorite Monsters in a Story

After all, MH Stories 2 is an entirely different story about being the son of a legendary Rider and becoming the master of monsters. Not to spoil anything, but think of it as a sort of “How to Train Your Rathalos” type of story. Yes, you will become the rider of the legendary fan-favorite creature and you can train it as the story moves on. A bit cliche? Yes it is, but come on, it’s Rathalos. How can you not love that?


Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailer
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Pokemon, But For MH Fans

Stories 1 was arguably an okay game but the gameplay did make it quite replayable. Instead of slaying monsters for loot just like the main games, you get to capture and train them for your party. That said, Capcom aims to make the gameplay more refined and better than ever before. So, expect more of the good stuff from the original plus a shot of other awesome improvements.

Will you ever ride the Nergigante? We’ll see about that this July. After all, we still have a few months left until they show more scoop about what to expect in the new game. Additionally, this is a turn-based RPG rather than the tactical action that you usually do. So, if you are a fan of that, then you should rejoice.

Interesting Characters

MH characters are usually either very stereotypical or platonic. Stories 2 focuses more on character building and shows the more humane sides of other clans and even monsters. And, just like any other Monster Hunter game, expect some high-quality waifus here. Maybe even more.

Treat It as a Stress Relief from Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is about to get a release anytime soon as of this writing and Switch players are in for a wild ride. PC players will have to wait though but based on the gameplay trailers, it seems like Capcom is going back to its more complex roots after streamlining the mechanics in MH World. And let’s be frank here; the game is going to be hard just like the Wii and 3DS games. So, if you feel like taking a break or rather rage quit, then you might want to consider playing Stories 2 instead.

Stories 2 will obviously not have the same strenuous feel as the main lineups but it will still satisfy your MH needs. So, are you excited for Monster Hunter Stories 2? Will you get it on the Switch or PC? Let us know in the comments.