Valorant Reyna: Basic Guide on Her Abilities


Valorant is an unpredictable game where you have to put your mind into your next moves. More than just FPS, it’s a mixture of classic shooter and class-based skills. In this guide, we will focus on one of the Agents with the highest win rate ratio: Reyna.

Who is Reyna in Valorant?

Reyna is one of the first launch characters in Valorant. Codenamed “Vampire,” she can absorb the souls of her dead enemies and can void her way out of the enemy’s firing range. She’s a Duelist, making her a great choice if you prefer fast and aggressive fragging. Basically, she can self-sustain with her healing and evading ability. Additionally, she is quite difficult to master yet rewarding when you fully understand her kit. She’s also one of the leading Valorant Agents in win rates, especially at high elo ranking, and is a priority choice in the pro scene.

If you are just getting started with her, her abilities are quite easy to understand. In fact, her kit doesn’t require that much knowledge at all. Whenever you kill an enemy, you either absorb the soul for extra health or use it for quicker movement and evasion. Oh, and she has a Nearsight ability too (which is just a fancy word for getting visually impaired). However, mastering her can be quite challenging, especially if you are forced to do a 1v5. Also, if there are no nearby dead enemies, her abilities are pretty much useless.


Valorant Empress Reyna Ability



Let’s discuss Reyna’s abilities one by one below:

C: Leer (200 credits)

Leer is a skill that incapacitates enemy vision. No, it’s not a throwable item, but rather a ranged placement. If the Leer successfully hits a target, they can only see a purple fog in front of them for a short period. You can only get two of these in one round.

It’s a great ability if you are playing long-ranged or mid-ranged. However, you can use it for close-ranged, too, especially if you are trying to escape or interrupt an enemy’s plan. Plus, you can let it pass through walls, which makes it a huge advantage for players with good map knowledge.

To know if your enemy got leered, you should see the Leer symbol over their heads. However, do note that you will need to place Leer IN FRONT of the enemy. If they are turned away from it or if they are behind it, they will not get Nearsighted.

Also, it can be destroyed with just a couple of hits.

Q: Devour (100 credits)

Devour is one of Reyna’s two Soul Orb abilities. You can only activate this over a dead enemy. Also, be wary that the soul does not stay for long, so make sure to know when or when not to bring it up.

In short terms, it self-heals Reyna. It’s a great tool if you have to survive by yourself and you need to nitpick the enemies one by one.


Valorant Dismiss Reyna Ability


E: Dismiss (200 credits)

Dismiss is the other half of the Soul Orb ability. If Devour is a life steal ability, then Dismiss is invincibility. For a very short period, Reyna is indestructible from all damages and can move much faster. It can be an annoyance for enemies but is a major advantage for herself since she can just cheese out her way from a 1v1 scenario.

X: Empress (6 ult orbs)

This one is just “press button and become cheese.” In other words, her ultimate ability increases her rate of fire, reload speed, and weapon switching. If timed right with Devour and Dismiss during a fight, she becomes an unstoppable killing machine in Valorant.


So, that’s the basic guide for Reyna. We’ll follow up with more Valorant Agent guides in the future. But for now, make sure to keep these tips in mind and practice playing Reyna in Valorant so you can master her.