Ooblets Review – A Must-Play Charming Yet Peculiar Life Simulation Game


Are you ready to leave the big city and embark on an exciting boat trip to the tiny town of Oob? Well, if you’re the type of gamer who immensely loves dancing and performing farm-related tasks, then you must not miss out on playing the new cozy life simulation game in town – the Ooblets!

Generally, Ooblets doesn’t provide a strange absolute formula. But, what makes the game more interesting is you’ll find loads of charming creatures along the way and do lots of befriending peculiar towns folks. In this game, you’ll focus on 2 main elements; farming and dance battles.

If you’re already familiar with farming sims this element will be more accessible for you, while dance battles are something you should gradually master. There are numerous not-so-deep twists and turns to anticipate as well. These quirks are worth having in the game structure as they can make you smile for the entire game. To help you understand better what Ooblets is all about, let this Ooblets review help you out!

Your Peculiar Grind in the Destitute Town

In Ooblets, your journey will start as you enter the hapless community of Badgetown. From there, you’ll begin working to enhance the life of the down-on-its-luck little town and turn it into something more harmonious. Of course, you’ll not be alone in this adventure as the adorable creatures called Ooblets are there to help you.

Ooblets girl
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These Ooblets are tiny, charming creatures with a variety of strange appearances. You’ll meet Ooblets like Clomper, a round, hairy puppy with stick horns; Dumbird, an endearing small bird friend; and Firmo, one of the talented robot allies.

Take note that to obtain Ooblets, you need to grow them like plants in the ground. These charming creatures will act as your delightful farm assistants and, as well as, in dance battles that will enable you to earn new sets of Ooblet seeds or something that can help in solving some of the local problems.

What is more interesting about Ooblets is that there is no such thing as violence to prosper in the game. Instead, they will help you if you’ll do your best in dance battles. With that said, this game is perfect not only for adults but for kids as well. Great job to the devs!

A Familiar Farming-Sim Game

As a farming simulation game, Ooblets lets you work with various quests for the mayor. You must successfully send shipments of your harvested crops, eliminate naughty Ooblets from government structures and fix people’s broken machinery.

You can quickly enter the farming mode by simply pressing the RT, and a helpful grid will appear. This grid will enable you to easily access farming materials that you can use to harvest your crops, such as a hoe, water, and more. Eventually, you’ll gain access to all types of these tools and decorations for your farm and home.

Ooblets farm

There are loads of things to do in the town, and you can say that a city prospers when you start expanding. Complete all necessary tasks and try to expand your farm gently. You can also upgrade your house and enjoy dancing astonishingly with your Oob friends.

Aside from your Oob friends, you can also establish new friendships with the townspeople as you enter the town. As you progress through the game, you can customize the city and put transport means all over the town. Subsequently, there are loads of things to unlock here, people to meet, and Ooblets to make friends with.

Charming Card-Based Dance Battles

Ooblets offers breathtaking visuals, graphics, and effects that will surely catch your eye for hours, especially if you’re a huge fan of pastel colors. But, once you get into the dance battles, you’ll surely get immersed as you need to deploy your Ooblet’s move cards strategically. Yes, you heard it right! Dance battles are card-based, meaning that your Ooblets’ chimerical moves are represented through cards.

Ooblets card dance battle

Like other card-based games, each Ooblet has its own unique set of move cards. You’ll find this element more exciting, especially when collecting these adorable bizarre creatures. They express silly moves that will definitely make you smile. You can also consider creating a party of your most effective Ooblet move cards and altering the generic ones while progressing.

To effectively guide you on what Ooblets is worth opting for, the game manages to offer three varieties of these tiny creatures; common, uncommon, and shiny. It will be best that you try to catch them all and amazingly unleash their hilarious moves.

Entertaining Musical Scores & Artistic Graphics

Ooblets offer a smooth gameplay experience, with no lags, and the loading times are very tolerable. The music is fantastic, especially when you are in the dance battles. There are numerous musical pieces available in the game that can keep you entertained for hours.

On the other hand, the game expresses unique yet artistic graphics starting from its background, people, your Oob friends, and even the vegetables you are planting. You will also be amazed by the hilarious names of the characters and the game’s kookiness. Don’t miss reading the dialogues as they can help you understand the game better.

Ooblets dance move


Is Ooblets Worth a Spot On Your Device?

In July 2020, Ooblets got its chance to land in Windows and Xbox One with the help of the creative hands of Glumberland. Then, after two years, in September 2022, it ideally reached Switch users. We can assume that the devs managed to enhance the game to fit the standards of Nintendo’s Switch players, as it took them two years to land perfectly on this hybrid device.

All in all, Ooblets deserve a space on your device. It is a must-play game that depicts hilarity, peculiarity and charm. Whether you are a fan of creature-collecting games, farming sims, or just looking for a game to focus on, Ooblets is an excellent choice of game worth spending your hard-earned pennies on!

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