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A Review of Offroad Outlaws Gameplay


A lot of people want to do off-road driving. Using their pick-up trucks to plow through muds and rocks to test the limits of their 4×4. Sadly, not everyone who wants to do this can try because a 4×4 vehicle is not an easy purchase. If you’re someone who’d like to try out off-road driving but don’t have a 4×4, then you can try playing this game. It’s titled Offroad Outlaws, a racing simulation game published by Battle Creek Games.

In this game, you get to experience what it’s like to do off-road driving. You get to drive on sand, mud, rocks, shallow rivers, and so on. You also get to customize the vehicle that you are using, as well as upgrade it to improve performance. The game will even feature trails that you can try to follow and earn money once you’ve completed it. Sounds good, right? But we’re sure you might be a bit skeptical about this game, considering there are many games that only look good on the outside.

To help you see if this game is really good or not, this article will review Offroad Outlaws’ gameplay. Let’s discuss in more detail if this is a good game to play.

The Gameplay of Offroad Outlaws

Before we discuss the good and bad things about this game, let’s first discuss the gameplay. The gameplay of this racing simulation app is simple and easy to figure out. There are 4 different game modes available; single-player, multiplayer, bounty trail, and trail runner mode. Each game mode will be about off-road driving. There are also various off-road maps available for you to use. The single-player mode is the best mode to start with since this will allow you to practice and get used to the gameplay.

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To earn money, you have to complete the trail trials. The faster you complete them, the more money you earn. You can then use this money to upgrade your vehicle or purchase a new one. Moreover, what’s great about this game is that the graphics are great and look realistic. So, you will really enjoy playing the game. Let’s now discuss what makes this game good one.

What Makes Offroad Outlaws Good

Amazing & Realistic Graphics

One of the first things that make Offroad Outlaws great is its amazing and realistic graphics. This is one of the things that will make you amazed when you start playing the game. From the moment you’re selecting the vehicles, up to the moment that you’re actually doing the off-road driving. You will enjoy how detailed things are, which enhances your overall gaming experience.

The realistic experience will really make you feel like you’re actually doing off-road driving. This is especially true if the camera angle you’ll use is inside the vehicle. But the best angle for playing would be the following camera angle, as this will allow you to see things more clearly.

A Fun & Realistic Gameplay

Another thing that you will enjoy about Offroad Outlaws is its fun and realistic gameplay. The game was really great at simulating off-road driving very similar to a regular 4×4 vehicle. When you drive through mud, it will be really slow unless you adjust your 4×4 settings to match with the track. This is also something that you will have to do when you’re climbing something steep, moving along rocks, and so on.

Offroad Outlaws Gameplay
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You will have to calibrate and adjust various settings of your vehicle so you will be able to clear certain trails. It’s a fun game and you will learn about how to do off-road driving in real life.

What’s Makes Offroad Outlaws Bad

Of course, not everything about Offroad Outlaws is good. There are also things that this game can improve on. For one, the developers could add more vehicles to the game to provide more options. It would also be good if there are more trails available. Plus to improve some of the trails too, except for Woodlands.

Verdict (4/5)

Looking at what Offroad Outlaws can offer, it’s safe to say that it’s a fun and entertaining game. It’s one of the best off-road driving games that you can play. Sure, there are things that it can improve on, but they’re minor inconveniences compared to what the game has to offer.