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Soul Knight: A Review of the Fast-Paced Dungeon Crawler Game


With over 50 million installs since launch, Soul Knight has grown to be one of the most played dungeon crawlers that you can play free of charge. Inspired by the hardcore mechanics of the iconic Enter the Gungeon game for the PC, Soul Knight is a crawler that is hard to ignore let alone bypass especially for fans of roguelike games. With that said, let’s take a quick overview on the mechanics, features, and elements that makes Soul Knight worthy of almost a million 5-star rating from its ever-growing community of players across the globe.


The story of Soul Knight is a concoction of various elements from different timelines. The game tells the story of a magical stone responsible for maintaining the balance of the earth stolen by aliens. This unfortunate event calls for the most powerful and skilled warriors on the planet tasked to retrieve the stolen stone. The narrative, for the most part, does not make any sense; nevertheless, Soul Knight is a game about shooting aliens and monsters and does not necessarily weigh in on the narrative.

Soul Knight Story
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In other words, if you are looking for a story that makes sense, then, you might be a little disappointed about the game. However, if you are into a fast-paced action game that comes with a diverse roster of characters, a huge arsenal of weapons, and mecha-inspired armor, then, this is a game you need to check out.


Soul Knight, despite its modest gameplay design, is not a mediocre title. This highly addicting title comes packed with tons of features that will keep you busy and engaged for hours on end. To start is the huge roster of class-based characters that the player can unlock. Although some of these characters require an in-game purchase to unlock, the majority of the characters are accessible using your earned in-game currencies. Then, there are the various workshops, items, and armor that you encounter and unlock as you progress further into the game. Each of these elements is carefully designed to balance out the hardcore gameplay that takes place in the game.

Soul Knight Hero
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The most important and the most sought-out element of Soul Knight is the huge arsenal of weapons. Soul Knight boasts a collection of 365 weapons, which is 65 more compared to Enter the Gungeon’s 300 weapons. Players in the game can collect materials and craft weapons in the safe house. To make the game even more immersive, the developers also included a wide collection of mecha-inspired armors that the player can also create using materials gathered in the game.


Soul Knight, like most hardcore indie titles, features user-friendly controls and mechanics that are easy to master. The game employs an energy-based firing system wherein weapons consume the player’s energy instead of bullets. To maximize the energy used in the game, the developers integrated an auto-targeting system. All of these elements are necessary to balance out the skill-based gameplay mechanics of the game. The main campaign in Soul Knight features three stages made up of five levels each. Once you initiate a dungeon run, you need to finish it or you can start a new game and override your progress.

Soul Knight Gameplay
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As you progress further into the game, other challenges will also become available. One example is the Boss Rush challenge where you will engage with 15 bosses in a single run. Another is the Ancient portal wherein you get to defend the magic stone against waves upon waves of invaders. Overall, gameplay in Soul Knight is as balanced as it is challenging which is great for those who are looking for a skill-based game.


Soul Knight is a fun, exciting, and challenging dungeon crawler every roguelike fan should check out. The smooth animation, well-balanced gameplay, colossal collection of in-game items, and diverse roster of characters are more than enough to keep you engaged in the game for hours. The best part is that you can even play this iconic game right now. Play Soul Knight on your PC for free today!