Clash of Clans: Still Worth Playing in 2020?


Clash of Clans (COC) may be an old game, but it is iconic enough to gain fans up to this day. With loads of new features and an original gameplay dynamic, COC can hook kids and adults alike. It’s no wonder why it is one of the top action strategy games for mobile.

If you have once enjoyed the game but stopped playing it for some reason, you might be thinking that it’s not worth playing anymore after a long hiatus. However, this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, there are many reasons why COC is still worth playing in 2020! Below are the main reasons why:

Your Old Village is Probably Still There

Most gaming devs will delete your progress if you have been inactive for some time. On the contrary, Supercell (developer of COC) is a packrat that keeps old accounts around. Even if you haven’t played the game for 5 years, you will still find your main base in the same way you left it.

Builder Base Revamped

If you love the base-building aspect of Clash of Clans, then the revamped Builder Base is perfect for you! The Builder Base serves as a mode where you can play COC all day ala Clash Royale. Supercell recently removed the Builder Base’s troop timers. Thus, you can now switch your army line-up at will! You don’t even have to wait for your troops to be trained!

For those who are not familiar with the Builder Base, it is a secondary base which you can use to engage other players in real-time PvP! In this mode, you and your opponent will simultaneously attack each other. To win, your destruction percentage should be higher than your opponent. This mode is perfect for those who love tweaking and testing their defenses.

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All New Town Hall (TL) Levels

The game now features 13 TH levels, with each level bringing host of interesting troops and defenses. From Clash Royale units to new and powerful structures, these new TH levels bring new stuff into the table. Here are just some of the new units, spells, and buildings that will make you want to reach TH10 or beyond right away:

  • Giga Tesla – sometimes, you will feel like your Town Hall is a sitting duck in a shooting gallery. With the Giga Tesla, that sitting duck can fight back with Electrickery.
  • Eagle Artillery – the Eagle Artillery is Supercell’s initiative in promoting 2-step attacks as a valid strategy. It is extremely powerful artillery that can cover the entire base but will only activate if troops that are worth more than 200 are deployed. Consequently, this forces attackers to divide their attacks into two phases – one to decimate defenses and another one for the final push.
  • Grand Warden – the Warden is your third hero. It is a support hero unit that can travel both on land and air!
  • Yeti – the Yeti is a heavy-hitting bruiser that spawns Yetimites. You do not want him when he’s angry!
  • Electro Dragon – with its chain lightning attack, clusters of troops and buildings will easily go down.
  • Miner – similar to its Clash Royale counterpart, the COC Miner can travel underground.

No Power Creeping

Unlike other games, the old units in Clash of Clans do not disappear into oblivion. Even the lowly Barbarian will see uses in the Legend League, thanks to the fact that Supercell does a great job in maintaining balance.

Siege Machines

Siege Engines are brand new units that can deliver your troops right into the heart of the enemy base. Arguably the coolest content of the game, these units add yet another layer of depth.

Siege Machines make the Clan Castle a lot more useful without directly giving it a buff. This in turn, emphasizes the importance of communicating the CC troops you want to receive (which you can now set when requesting troops).

Each Siege Machine offers unique mechanics which makes attacking a lot more interesting but mechanically demanding. If you can learn how to take advantage of each Siege Machine, then you’ll have varied gameplay that will further hook you in the game.

Progression Guides & A Unique Culture

Thanks to the age of the game, there are tons of progression guides available to help beginners and pros alike. You will now receive in-game introductions to your new TH level whenever you upgrade your Town Hall! This lets you familiarize all the tactics and units that you should know about. For instance, the game will introduce you to Funneling once you reach TH7.

Funneling is an attack strategy where you have to eliminate exterior buildings so that you can funnel your troops into the core of the enemy base. This strategy lessens the chance of your backline units from fanning out and attracting unnecessary attention from defensive towers.

Clan War Leagues

Just when you thought that Clan Wars are addictive, Supercell introduces Clan Leagues! Clan Leagues are similar to Clan Wars, but it is a much more competitive mode. Specifically, it pits multiple clans against each other in a round-robin league. Those who participate will receive league medals which can be used to buy magic items and exclusive items.

Image Source: 2019 CoC Game Center AP


Super Troops

One of the most recent features is the addition of Super Troops. With this feature, players can upgrade specific units into Super Troops for an entire week. This temporary boost gives troops unique abilities like:

  • Super Barbarian – this upgrades the barbarian so that it gains the Rage buff right after deployment! Similar to the Builder Base Barbarian, this version can chip through external buildings with ease.
  • Sneaky Goblin – this is quite similar to the Sneaky Archer of the Builder Base, albeit with a much shorter range and a different target priority. If you are only interested in loots and not trophies, the Sneaky Goblin is a must-try.
  • Super Giant – this upgraded Giant is an absolute behemoth. With 4x damage to walls, he can easily trample multi-walled defenses.
  • Super Wall Breaker – this kamikaze skeleton now destroys a wider wall section. As a bonus, he will set off if killed before hitting a wall.

If these units seem unbalanced to you, rest assured that the fact that you can only sup up one troop type balances things. This way, players can’t’ spam these four units and forget about the rest.

Magic Items

Before, Clash of Clans often feels like an endless grind for Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Now, the game features new resources – Magic Items!

Magic Items can boost your progression by upgrading your troops, spells, buildings, and help you gather more resources. Keep in mind that Magic Items cannot boost anything beyond your TH level, so these items are just for speeding up your progression.

New Hero Skins

If you are growing tired of the same old Barbarian King appearance, then these Hero Skins got your back. These unlockables give your heroes themed looks that can reflect your gaming personality. With a hero skin, you can turn your Grand Warden into clockwork automation. It will still be the Grand Warden you know and love, but it is now a cool-looking machine run by Electrickery.

Image Source: Clash of Clans Support page


Continuous Developer Updates

Just imagine if Clash of Clans stuck with the same features it was released with. Surely, the game will be nothing but a graveyard of TH10 villages and a handful of TH1 villages that will eventually get abandoned as the players hit TH3. Thankfully, Supercell continuously updates Clash of Clans and even introduces fresh mechanics, units, buildings, and even an improved Builder Base!

A More Forgiving Economy

Ranging from cheaper troops, shorter timers, and all types of boosts, it is now much easier to advance in the game. Consequently, failing in your raids will not be as punishing as before. And the generous bonuses that you can get from attacking higher TH levels ensures that your storage never gets empty. If you ever empty your storage, just activate Magic Items and you can either grind for resources fast or instantly upgrade your buildings!

Perhaps, Supercell wants you to be able to catch up with late-game players quickly. After all, you won’t enjoy all the new content and updates if you will be stuck in the early levels for a very long time. If you are feeling a little impatient, you can always purchase the season pass to get generous amounts of resources and Magic Items.

Is it Still Worth Playing COC in 2020?

With all these new features, it’s never a bad idea to not play COC in 2020. It even outgrew and survived its shameless rip-offs, so it is basically legendary at this point. The game is still fun to play, and it has excellent development support after all these years. Whether you are a new player or a returnee, Clash of Clans is absolutely worth playing!

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