Warhammer vs. Warhammer 40K – The Difference Between Two Seemingly Similar Games


Warhammer is a fantasy tabletop game that has branched out into different successful games. It has even managed to create a whole new world – the Warhammer 40K series of games. It is here that the difference in these games has defined. Where Warhammer focused on the traditional elements of games, the 40K iteration decided to do something different. The aspects of games like Orcs introduced into something different, like Orks.


The Warhammer 40K Universe




Warhammer 40K was initially a miniature wargame based on the Warhammer Fantasy series. It is in a future where human civilization has fallen on stagnation and has been attacked by a hostile race of aliens, along with supernatural creatures bent on conquering our world. As such, the miniatures – which would later on become customizable characters within the game – are composed of different humans, aliens, and supernatural monsters. It also mixes steampunk elements with that of Chthonian-like powers and futuristic weapons.


What The Original Game Is

The original series, the Warhammer series was during medieval times. It is p and is a simulation between opposing armies controlled by different factions. The game set is in deep fantasy – dragons, ”real” orcs and other medieval fantasy-elements are your tools here. Players take turns by moving models across the battlefield while they calculate damage based on the roll of dice. In the case of the PC game, the players take turns across the digital battlefield and pit a player’s characters – like wizards, for instance – against dragons and other such creatures.


The Difference Between Games

At first glance, the difference in Warhammer and Warhammer 40K is simply cosmetic – one of them is through medieval high-fantasy, while the other is on fantasy mixed with sci-fi elements. There is a bit of difference between the games. Most of the features borrowed heavily from earlier games within the series – Orks and Orcs have been created by one creator, for instance. The Old Ones play the part of Sauron here as a creator figure.



The Dwarves, Squats, Bretonnia, the Empire, the Tomb Kings, and the Necrons are all mirrored images of one another. The most rational explanation would be that the games are in two different universes. Mostly, a parallel of each other, but never really the same. It might be that these universes are also creations of the Old Ones and that they were supposed to be mirror images of one another, but that’s just a possible theory. For one thing, magic exists in a different form in Warhammer 40K; in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, the magic lies because there’s no danger of it causing chaos.

The Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy universes exist differently from one another, but they are indeed similar in some aspects.


What’s Next for Each Universe

Warhammer has since become the Age of Sigmar. What it is is a simplified form of what was Warhammer Fantasy. It is more of a streamlined skirmish game. It’s’s produced in such a way that newcomers have an easier time getting into the game and taking in most rules. Still, it has all the dice-rolling, but it doesn’t over-complicate things.
So, if you’re ready for a challenge, then the Warhammer 40K universe is for you. In its latest updates, a lot of the game has undergone updates. The FAQ and Errata remade, the Beta Rules, and the Balance have also undergone some changes. Additionally, a lot of things have managed to get included.

When you’re deciding whether you want to play, the best thing you can decide on is whether you wish sci-fi fantasy or high fantasy in the Medieval ages.