Is It Time For Garena Free Fire To Have A 100-Player Map?

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When it comes to popular battle royale games for mobile devices, Garena Free Fire is going to be one of the games that will be on many people’s lists. It may not have the same prominence as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, or Call of Duty Mobile, but it’s still a popular game. This matter is especially true for the mid-market segment since the game is not that demanding and will work adequately in most mobile devices.




But aside from being able to work correctly in most mobile devices, another reason why this game is popular is because of its short gameplay. Unlike most battle royale games, Free Fire’s classic maps are small and are only for 50 players. And so, the game matches tend to end quicker, usually less than 10 minutes, which allows people to play more matches in just short amounts of time.

Though this has worked well for the game, is it time for Free Fire to increase its player count from 50 to 100 finally? Let’s discuss this in this article.


The Advantages of Having A Smaller 50-Player Map


More Intense Fights

One of the main advantages of Garena Free Fire’s smaller 50-player maps is that the match will have more intense fights than bigger plans. With a smaller map, it means your chances of encountering an enemy is more frequent than a larger one, even if there are only 50 players. The distance between towns is shorter, making travel between one city to another much faster. And since there aren’t that many towns on the map, you are likely to encounter more enemies around.

I’ve always had to deal with 2-4 players every time I enter a town in Free Fire. This thing is something I don’t usually encounter often on games with a bigger map and 100-players. And with more frequent gunfights, I also get to rack up more kills in Free Fire. The downside here, of course, is that there’s also the possibility that I get to die since I’ll be encountering enemies frequently.


Shorter and Faster Matches




Another advantage of a 50-player map is that matches are quick and short. With only 50 players, this means you will only have to kill 49 players to be declared the winner. And combine that with a smaller map, you can quickly finish a match in less than the 10-minutes allotted for each game. I consider this an advantage because it will allow me to play more matches without having to spend too much time on the game, and I won’t need to spend 1 hour playing five or more events in Free Fire. I can do that in 45 minutes or even less, depending on if I will die early, mid, or be one of the last players. The shorter match is also great for people who would like to relax a bit while taking a break from work or school.


The Advantages of Having A Bigger 100-Player Map


It’s Easier To Avoid Enemies




One of the advantages of a bigger map is that it is easier to avoid enemies, despite having more players. It is mainly because a bigger plan offers players more options to land, which means there will be areas in the map where only a few players will likely go. Also, it will be much easier to avoid engaging enemies.

Yes, it might lack some action. But not engaging enemies, as often as possible, increases your chances of reaching the end of the match, where it’s down to just a few players. In Free Fire, I always had to be on my guard since an enemy can pop up anywhere and anytime. But in games with bigger maps, I still have frequent moments where I’m not engaging any enemies, allowing me to relax a bit and loot properly.


It Provides a Better Build-Up for the Climax of the Match

I believe another advantage of having a bigger map and more players is that it provides a better build-up to a battle royale’s climax, which is the end of the battle. Imagine being one of the last five players to battle it out in the end, surviving a large map and outlasting 95 other players. It provides a better feeling and experience, being happy to survive that long, but also nervous because you’re now more eager to win.

And if you don’t, the devastation of being eliminated is felt even more. Free Fire’s 50-player map also provides a climax, but the build-up to it is not as useful since it’s going to be an intense game from start to finish.


Should Free Fire Increase Its Player Count From 50 – 100?

Though I enjoy the more intense and quicker fights that Garena Free Fire has, I believe introducing a new map where 100 players can join and fight, would be an excellent addition to the game. Not only will it add a unique experience to the players, but it will also give them an additional option when it comes to battle royale game modes.

I always like to play the larger 100-player map if I want a more realistic survival battle royale game, with more strategizing involved. I also feel more satisfied winning that kind of match since it feels better to beat 99 other players than just 49. If you want to download and play Free Fire on your PC instead of a mobile device, click this link to learn more.