Is The Gacha Rate On Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fair For Free-To-Play Players?


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) is a fun and nostalgic role-playing game that you can play right now. Nostalgic because the game allows you to use characters from different video games, mostly final fantasy games. This thing means you can play styles such as Cloud Strife, Sephirot, Squall Leonhart, Tidus, and many more. FFBE event features characters from the popular anime FullMetal Alchemist.

You can play Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Alphonse Elric, and King Bradley. To use these players in your party, though, you would need to summon/gacha them first. And asking the unit that you want is not going to be secure in this game. Let’s discuss further what are the gacha rates of FFBE and see if it’s fair for all players, especially those who don’t spend money on the game.

Summoning Units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

You summon units using what we call Lapis, which is an in-game currency or summoning tickets. There are many different summoning tickets available, and some of them will guarantee 5-star units. But most fares offer random summoning, which means you won’t know what kind of crystal you will get. There are three types of units that you can gacha in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, 3-star units, 4-star units, and 5-star units.



Star Units

The 3-star units are the most common and weakest in the game and are represented by a blue crystal. You can Awaken them up to 5 stars. Since they are the most common units available, you will mostly get 3-star units whenever you summon, unless you are using tickets that guarantee a higher tiered group. The gacha rates for 3-star units is 76%.

The 4-star units are the mid-tier units you can use in the game and are represented by a yellow crystal. They’re decent enough to get you through several missions and quests in the game, but it’s advisable not to invest too much into them. There are some exceptions here since specific 4-star units are still usable in certain missions. You can awaken them up to 6-stars. They are rarer than the 3-star units, and they have a gacha rate of 19%.


The 5-star units are the most reliable units in the game, and this is where you will find many of the meta units that FFBE has. They are represented by a rainbow crystal, and you can awaken them up to 7-stars. But getting them to 7-stars will already require a duplicate of the unit. Getting 5-star units is also hard since they only have a 5% gacha rate. Then getting the specific group that you want will be harder because all of the available units in FFBE have less than 1% chance of appearing.

For example, you want to get a Cloud Strife, and you got lucky for summoning a rainbow crystal, which means a 5-star unit. Now the chances of that 5-star unit being Cloud Strife is meager, only 0.02380%. This means that you will get a 5-star group, but don’t expect that it will be the one that you want.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Are the Gacha Rates Fair?

The percentage might seem too low for the strongest and best units available in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. But I consider the rates fair, even for free-to-play players. Sure, the developers could have increased the scales a bit to make it easier to get 5-star units, as well as the actual units that we want. Doing that, though, will lessen one of the game’s appeals, which is the challenge of getting functional groups to use in the game, and the excitement that it brings if you somehow got what you are looking for now.


The game will be too easy to play if it will be easier to summon reliable units. And since the PVP aspect of FFBE is just a minor attraction, bringing out the player’s competitive nature will fall on the different challenges that the game is offering. Yes, this could mean that it could take a while to build and further develop your 5-star units, but with the right strategy and planning, you can get functional units quicker than you think.

The game offers a lot of opportunities and events to get functional 5-star units, as well as getting more Lapis and summoning tickets to use. I’ve played the game for six months now, and I have yet to spend any money on it. But I do have many useful and developed current meta units that I can use for quests and missions. I’ll provide some tips on how to increase your chances of getting suitable units in the next section.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Good Units in FFBE

The low gacha rate might make you think that getting functional units in the game will be difficult. Though it is a bit challenging, it’s not impossible to acquire and develop secure units. You need patience and a bit of planning. Here are some tips to follow:



  1. Try to complete all required missions whenever you’re on a quest or trial. Missions usually reward Lapis and summoning tickets. So, completing them as often as possible is an excellent way to earn more resources you can use for summoning. You can also check the daily quests, as well as other searches to win more Lapis or summoning tickets.
  2. Don’t immediately use your Lapis or tickets. One of the mistakes I was making early on was using my cards and Lapis as soon as I got them. You must try to save and hoard them since your chances of getting functional units increases when you are doing multiple summonses instead of just a couple of consecutive call.
  3. Take advantage of FFBE’s events. This event is where they will reward you with free 5-star units. Plus, all the materials you will need to develop it. The game has many different activities that will pay you with suitable units for free, take advantage of it, and also acquire all of the materials needed to develop them.
  4. Don’t try to get all banner units, unless you want to. It’s also essential that you’re not always trying to get all the new banner units that would come out because you will frustrate yourself. Instead, save your resources and wait for banners where you like the units or the types of groups that you need are available. This matter increases your chances of acquiring meta units that you can use in the game.

Though the gacha rates in FFBE are low, I believe it is fair since the game also offers many opportunities to get functional units. The tips mentioned above will increase your chances of getting and developing them. Learn more about FFBE today.