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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Do You Need To Spend Money To Win?


Mobile games have already come a long way. Though they are still not as popular as PC and console games, they are slowly getting there. The increase in popularity of mobile games can be attributed to the increasing power of smartphone devices and the improving quality of mobile games coming out. One major issue with mobile games, though, is that a lot of them are pay-to-win. These are games where players who spend a lot of money will always have an advantage over those who play for free. This is prevalent in mobile games, especially multiplayer games where spenders are always dominating these games. In this article, we’ll look at Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE). It’s a role-playing game that has multiplayer components and sees if it is a pay-to-win or not. If you’re not familiar with FFBE, download and play it for yourself.

Important Things to Know about FFBE

FFBE is one of the popular role-playing game to come out on mobile. True to its final fantasy name, it features a great story, good gameplay, and awesome characters. The game is also free-to-play, so you won’t have to worry about paying anything just to download and play the game. However, it does have in-game purchases that are designed to make the game easier for you.

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So, does this mean FFBE is a pay-to-win game? But before answering that question, it is first important to understand important things about this game that will affect your success in it. Doing this will give you an idea of what you need to do to succeed. It will also let you see if spending real money does help or not.

Currencies Used in the Game

The first thing you need to know about is the currencies that you use in FFBE. There are 2 main currencies, Gil and Lapis. Gil is equivalent to cash and the one you use whenever you buy items or equipment. You also use Gil when you are enhancing or awakening units, as well as when you are crafting items, abilities, and equipment.

You earn Gil every time you complete missions, which includes event missions, dungeons, and other quests. There are also certain dungeons where the Gil reward is high. You can also earn Gil selling items and units. It’s not hard to earn them, so you can easily reach millions of Gils if you play consistently and complete missions and quests.

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Lapis, on the other hand, are like the diamonds in the game. They are harder to acquire then Gil and have more important uses. You gain Lapis for completing certain conditions in missions, including dungeon and event missions. You also earn Lapis for completing quests in the game for logging in daily.

Lapis is used to replenishing NRG, which is needed to participate in missions. You can also use them to increase the storage limit of your items, equipment, and units. But their most important use is for summoning. You can use Lapis to summon units that you can use in your party.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Units/Visions

The next most important thing you need to know are units, which are also called visions in the game. There are many different units in the game and each unit will have a star rating. The highest rating is 7-star while the lowest is 2-stars. Not all units can reach 7-stars, only the units who will have a 5-star base rating can go up to 7-star.

This means that your goal is to summon as many 5-star rating units since they are the most powerful ones in the game. There are many ways to summon units and one of the ways is using Lapis. There are also different summoning tickets you can use and they are acquired in various ways like completing certain conditions in missions and as a login bonus. You can also buy Lapis and summoning tickets using real money.

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As mentioned above, 5-star units are the only ones that can reach 7-star. But to reach that star rating, you will need a duplicate of that unit and then turn that duplicate into a prism. But your need for duplicate doesn’t stop there. Once a unit reaches a 7-star rating, it unlocks its Super Trust Master Reward, which rewards you with great equipment or abilities once it reaches 100%. To reach 100%, you will need at least 2 duplicates of the same unit and use them as enhancement materials.

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It is important to remember that the units you will get when you use summoning tickets or Lapis are random. This means that getting duplicates is not as easy. The game does have special events, where prisms of featured units are available in exchange for special tokens or tickets. These special tokens or tickets, though, are acquired after you perform Step-Up Summon using Lapis. It is important to remember that these special events are only available for a certain duration, so you’ll need to have a lot of Lapis to use and do Step-Up Summons.

Is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Pay-To-Win?

The short answer to that is no. You don’t really need to spend any money on this game, especially if your goal is only to complete the main story. Reddit users even say that the only thing you will spend on this game is time. The game also allows you to earn enough tickets and Lapis, especially in the early parts, so it’s not hard to acquire units and awaken them to 7-star. And you really only need several strong 7-star units to complete the game’s story.

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However, there will be moments in the game, especially if you will try to complete dungeon or events missions where you will feel stuck. In these moments, you will wish that you have certain 7-star units to help you complete the mission. Dungeon missions are important to the game considering that some of them will reward you with strong equipment for your unit.

But some of these missions are extremely hard to complete. And you will need strong units and equipment to complete it. Now you still don’t need to spend money to get them. You just need to grind and earn as many Lapis and tickets as you can and try your luck in summoning.

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But if you don’t have the patience and you really need to have that unit in your party, then that’s where spending comes in. You can easily acquire the unit you want, especially if it’s a featured unit if you spend money on tickets and Lapis. The game has many different bundles available that you can spend money on. These bundles usually come with a combination of Lapis, summoning tickets, and other rewards.

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