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One Punch Man: The Strongest – First Impressions

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This is going to be a short review based on my first two hours with One Punch Man: The Strongest. If you have not realized it yet, the game is out now on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, the game is called One Punch Man: Road to Hero on the Apple App Store. Overall, it plays great and it remains true to the source material. After all, it IS the official game besides the fighting game on consoles and PC.


Something Good for the Fans

While Season 2 of One Punch Man felt a bit off and the fighting game only quite serviceable, developer FingerFun Limited sought to make a legit game that fans of the manga and anime will love. In 2019, they released One Punch Man: Road to Hero for the iOS. In June 16, 2020, they released One Punch Man: The Strongest. To avoid confusion, both games are the same; the titles are different.

So, what can you expect in a game where the protagonist is already invulnerable and can kill any villain with just one punch? A lot of neat things, really.

First of all, the game starts off as the first volume of the manga and the first episode in the anime. Before you know it, you are already playing as Saitama – still feeling sad that his powers are too overwhelming. Later on, you lead a band of heroes as you protect the city from various known villains like Speed O’ Sound Sonic, Vaccine Man and Mosquito Girl. The moves, the voices and even the animations are straight out from the anime which makes everything feel authentic.


The First 2 Hours

As a guy who played various gacha games like Honkai Impact 3, FGO, Azur Lane, Arknights and Girls Frontline, OPM:TS is quite fun. It plays much like Fire Emblem Heroes and Granblue Fantasy: exploring a small map to clear out enemies via turn-based combat. You can switch from manual mode and auto mode at any time.

As for the gacha, you will need recruit tickets to do so. Fortunately, SSRs in the game are 1.3% and will get higher as soon as the later SSR heroes and villains arrive.

I will play the game further and share all the content found in a future review. Check out our other reviews here as well.