League of Legends: Is SoloQ Still Worth It in 2020?

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I have been playing League of Legends since 2014 with over more than 300 hours (yes, I am not proud of it). I saw drastic changes within the game through those 6 years: some great, some terrible. The highest rank I attained was Platinum IV back in 2018. However, after I stopped playing the game since then and visited my profile, my rank became Bronze I. Sure, I could just grind my way back in my own terms with or without a buddy but I couldn’t help ask myself, “Is it even still worth playing soloQ Ranked even if I have better games to play?”


The Stress of Ranked

The main problem of League of Legends Ranked mode is not because of the gameplay itself but rather the random people you play with. Of course, with a hierarchy taking into consideration – Iron being lowest and Challenger as the highest – Ranked is a game mode where the sweatiest players (those that take the game too seriously) in the server come together.


Hit or Miss Teammates

Besides the awful fact that I am stuck in the local server, there is also incompetence among teammates. Sure, Ranked will always be a hit or miss but you know your LP is on the line which makes the game more stressful, unlike Normal matches. It’s like matchmaking itself is an RNG already where you may be in a team with a terrible Yasuo main (who has 400K mastery points for some reason) and a Vayne who keeps assuring you she’ll matter in the late game.

Even if you are already good on your own, the chances of losing are still high especially if you are the only one playing the match properly. It doesn’t matter if your score is 23/2/8 if the enemies push to your base hard and your other teammates don’t know when to clash against the rival team or when to split-push.


Everybody Wants to Win

Stakes are higher in Ranked since every player wants that promotion to the next division. That means most players will do their very best in order to get that sweet +LP and a chance to climb up the ladder even more. So, just imagine the shitshow going on within the lower elos as they try to get to Silver V or Diamond players acting like elitists as if they know the game better than Faker.


PH Server


Personally, the worst part about this game is playing in the Garena Philippine server; you got tryhard Pinoys who play in net cafes kicking and screaming whenever you do something that is the opposite of winning a match. I said personally because I also have accounts in Garena Singapore, NA and OCE and I am telling you those servers are way kinder than the Philippine server. If you are from those regions and you think the people you play with are bad, you should be thankful because the Philippine server is full of outlaws. Filipino gamers are considered one of the most notorious players in any server.

The reason why Riot Games decided to create a local server for the Philippines is due to internet connection problems and the fact that Filipino players are very harassing towards other players. Disclaimer: I’m not dissing on Filipinos as a whole; I’m just stating the fact that majority of Pinoy players are volatile in the gaming community – especially with competitive games such as League of Legends. In fact, I’ve met a few good Filipino players; those who practice conduct and respect. But for the most part, yeah, the Filipino gaming community is full of childish flamers with no sense of humor.

The Ironic Fascination of Solo Queueing

Once I realized that Ranked is nothing more than a glorified Normal mode with extra steps, I stopped caring about it. So what if I ended up in Bronze I? The fact that other players are treating the game like it is their duty to win is funny. Oh, I missed my skillshot and now you’re angry? Damn son, excuse me for not being Challenger. What’s that? Your Jungler never visited you in Bottom lane? Well, that is what tower-hugging is for, you dummy.

And if they flame me for a mishap, I just laugh it off because, at the end of the day, we don’t know each other.

A rank – whether Iron, Gold or Diamond – has no real-life sentiment which is why I don’t even care anymore.

However, that does not mean I’m just throwing the game. I still do my best, especially when it comes to mid lane Ahri and top lane Singed, but if we win, that’s cool and if we lose, that’s okay. To me, what matters most is having fun. That’s why I prefer playing this game with friends than doing it alone.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with solo queueing in League of Legends but a lot of players don’t realize that winning a game leads to nothing but virtual gratification. A higher rank will not give you a better job, a girlfriend or money. Even Riot Games doesn’t give you any sentiment for your promotion other than a pat on the back and temporarily increasing your dopamine levels.

And hey, at least it’s still much better than playing Mobile Legends.

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