Resident Evil 4 VR – Anticipate Free Mercenaries DLC Arrival in 2022


The famous Resident Evil 4 of Capcom exclusively came out as an Oculus Quest 2. This virtual reality port is fairly decent to say that it became successful. Hence, a video came from the VR version that made the fans more excited. According to the video, “Mercenaries” mode will be part of the edition and be playable to other versions.

Also, the video says that this mode will be in the free update in the year 2022. That video reportedly came from the Youtube channel of Oculus. The provider confirms that the “Mercenaries Mode” will be available for Quest 2 next year, 2022.

Due to the accidental spill of the video, now, the said video is made private, making the fans hang from the further details of the said mode. But, Biohazardcast made its own trailer version of the update, and it seems that the leaked update is legitimate.


Resident Evil 4 VR - Gameplay Oculus
Image Source: Resident Evil 4 VR – Gameplay Oculus


Fan-Favorite – The Mercenaries Mode

Last 20 years ago, Mercenaries mode emerged on every Resident Evil 4 video game since the first release. In this mode, players can experience substantially more action, taking them to different places through the campaign, making it more entertaining and infinitely replayable.

To check out the timeline, way back in 1999, the Mercenaries made its first release in the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Since then, it became part of the series except for Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Resident Evil 4 VR - Official Mercenaries Mode Announcement Trailer
Image Source: Resident Evil 4 VR – Official Mercenaries Mode Announcement Trailer


The said, the game mode depicts a focal point of an arcade-style where levels are in a standard form. The catch is, you aim for the highest score by being challenged to kill as many opponents as you can. In addition to the extras, the said mode features an option to choose from one of the various characters, and each character depicts its own weapon consignment.

If you have already encountered the VR version, you will notice that the Mercenaries mode is missing. The “Separate Ways” and” Assignment Ada” DLC are not also in the set. This factors comes along with those other features.

Additionally, the mode offers more mobility and easing settings. That way, you will notice it in the upcoming free update on 2022, which includes hand-based steering, better left-handed controls, and additional options to tweak the location of your waist and chest inventory slots.

That’s why fans were pretty excited with the leaked video’s information. It even all adds up that this mode will come from a free update. You can find more details in the game during the “The Game Awards“. In the category for AR/VR, Resident Evil 4 gets nominated.

About Resident Evil 4

Made by Armature Studio, a complete and new version for Oculus Quest 2, is the Resident Evil 4. In this game, you will play in a first-person perspective. You will have to reload all the weapon and equipment manually. Well, that’s the main challenge. Now, dual-wielding is an available option and more to come.


Gameplay Match View


According to a review, the Oculus Quest 2 of Resident Evil is an attestation to the skills of Armature’s VR. But at the same time highlights the various difficulties turning a 20-year-old video game into VR. With its immersive settings on the rack, the game is best for its engaging  tension.

Additional Update!

A blog from the Oculus Blogs confirms the coming of the Mercenaries Mode on the free update for Oculus Quest 2 of Resident Evil 4 in 2022. According to figures, sales rocketed immensely from the launch week, making the Resident Evil 4 the fastest-selling app in Quest’s history.

So, that’s what we have for now! For more updates about this Mercenaries Mode and other updates regarding Resident Evil 4, stay in the loop and let’s see what this free update is all about next year!