SUPERHOT Gets a Sequel: Free for Players Who Own the First Game

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Just when you thought the gaming industry has gone completely overshadowed with greed and pride, there is a glimmer of light for gamers. I’m talking about the unique fps game, SUPERHOT. As of July 16, 2020, a sequel – SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE – was released on Steam. It only costs $3.99 but anybody who owns the first SUPERHOT game will get it for free FOR A LIMITED TIME.  That’s right, the full sequel is free if you bought the first game. Personally, I just got my copy without paying. You don’t see that everyday in gaming. It just comes to show that not every developer and publisher prioritizes money over passion.

SUPERHOT is Super Hot

If you do not know what SUPERHOT is supposed to be, it is an FPS game where time is essence. Literally. You play as a hacker who gets a hold of a unique game extracted from a giant corporation. The most unique feature in the game lies within movement. For every movement you make, time moves. If you stop, time stops as well. Every stage feels like a puzzle with some great John Wick-esque action sequences.

The developer and publisher, SUPERHOT Team, released the first game back in 2016. It also received a VR edition called SUPERHOT VR the following year. The game received massive praise from both critics and users. It includes a very stylish gameplay, bizarre aesthetics and an experience no other FPS game has ever done. As such, the puzzle-action game became a modern classic among fans.

A Bigger and Better Sequel

If the first game is innovative, then the sequel – SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE – builds a bridge as an extension for the fans. Even if you are a newcomer, you don’t need any catching up to do. The premise is simple: finish every level in the most strategic and stylistic way as possible.