PlayStation Exclusive Games’ Horizon, God of War, & Gran Turismo to Get TV Series


Sony PlayStation Productions made a big announcement about expanding its entertainment creations with its plans to bring popular PlayStation exclusive games Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo into TV adaptations. Netflix is officially working on the Horizon series while Amazon Studio takes the God of War series. They also revealed that Gran Turismo is soon to have a TV show, but no announcement yet on which platform it will appear.

The announcement happened during the investor briefing on May 26, when Jim Ryan, president of Sony, said in a Q&A session that they will expand the company’s reach. Various industry insiders, including David Gibson, also confirmed the news on Twitter. (below)

Sony Video Game TV adapt
Image Screenshot Source: Twitter – David Gibson


Horizon Forbidden West

Netflix had already displayed its strong interest in video game adaptations after the success of the hit League of Legends Arcane series and Castlevania anime series. Now, they are up to bringing Horizon into live-action series, too. With many expecting it to be eventually hailed as one of the top-grossing video game adaptations upon release.

The story of Horizon Forbidden West revolves around Aloy—an epitome of bravery and tenacity, who desires to restore peace and balance to the world by exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon. Along her way, she will encounter different tribes and forge potential alliances to help her halt the extinction of life on Earth.

Its fascinating storyline, characters, and villains will definitely bring joy to the people, particularly the avid fans of PlayStation Exclusive Games. It was revealed that Horizon had already come up with two potential titles, but the details remain limited and unclear. Although Sony has no final announcement yet about the storyline, one thing is certain—the story will highlight Aloy’s story.

Horizon Forbidden Forest
Image Source: Horizon Forbidden West – PlayStation


God of War

On the other hand, Amazon Studios is also down to releasing the most-awaited live-action TV series for the action-adventure God of War video game. Specifically, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions, the executive producers of The Expanse creators and The Wheel of Time will collaborate to produce the God of War series. Before its release, most of its avid fans already claimed that the God of War TV series would hit the mainstream. It is believed to become one of the top-tier TV series based on ancient mythology-themed PlayStation video games.

The God of War game series was launched in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 video game console and produced at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. Generally, it is composed of seven games across four PlayStation consoles. The first series of the video game revolves around the perilous journey of the former Spartan warrior named Kratos. He vowed to avenge the death of his loved ones under Ares—the Greek God of War. Kratos showed no compassion and became a ruthless God of War himself. But later on, he finds himself seeking a better fate.

God of War
Image Source: God of War – PlayStation

After several titles of God of War on consoles, Santa Monica Studio gave new sparks to the franchise game on PlayStation 4 in 2018. The updated version continues with Kratos visiting the Norse wilds and finally gaining his second chance as a good father for his son Atreus. So far, the 2018 version remains the top-tier series, gaining glorious praise from players and critics.

The iconic enthralling battles of Kratos between terrifying beasts in the darker and elemental world is what makes it more appealing to the viewers. But just like Horizon, the details about the God of War TV series are to be discussed further.

Gran Turismo

On March 4, Polyphony Digital released the new video series of Gran Turismo 7 that brought pure excitement to every console gamer. Recently, another good news arose when Sony Pictures Entertainment boss, Tony Vinciquerra, added Gran Turismo to the list of video games to get a TV series.

Since officially announcing the Gran Turismo TV series, it gained heavily mixed reactions from the public. Fans started to get curious about how they would turn it into a show as it does not have any characters. While there is no official announcement yet about it, many people are hoping that the story will not solely revolve around an A racer replaying the same race for the 9th time. But Tony Vinciquerra mentioned that the show would tackle its key games and best-selling racing simulator—giving the public some gist of the GT TV series.

Gran Turismo
Image Source: Gran Turismo Sport – PlayStation


More Video Games Up for TV Adaptations

Although the details of the TV series projects of the three Sony PlayStation Exclusive games are not yet exposed to the public, the announcement had gained different notions and mixed opinions from the gamers, fans, and game critics. Some are purely excited, while others are throwing critiques.

Moreover, aside from Horizon, God of War, and Gran Turismo, other PlayStation exclusive games are set to be launched to other streaming platforms. They are The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Ghost of Tsushima. But similarly, there are no official statements yet as to when these TV adaptations will be available.

Furthermore, the company also revealed in a business briefing its plan to make its video games available on PC and mobile devices by the year 2025. Clearly, Sony will not limit its company reach through films and television adaptations. They are always up to something good.