PLayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 – Games of the Coming Launch


Sony mentions that the PlayStation VR2 will have more than 20 games available. The details pertaining to the games is on the company’s business briefing last month. Although there were no titles during the briefing, SIE head honcho Jim Ryan is confident that their partnership with independent and third-party developers can deliver on the promise.

VGC took a screenshot of the slide used during the briefing highlighting the confirmation of “20+ major first-party and third-party” titles at launch. As of writing, there are already 9 titles officially announced by Sony and third-party developers for the PlayStation VR2. Check out each of the games below.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – Guerilla/Firesprite

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the first title announced by Sony for the PlayStation VR2. The game will feature a new character making Aloy one of the game’s NPCs. The game is currently being developed by Guerilla and Firesprite.


Horizon Call of the Mountain


Horizon Call of the Mountain will take advantage of the PlayStation Vr2’s hardware technology, especially the VR2 Sense controllers.

Resident Evil 8 – Capcom

Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil VIII is another title by Sony for the PlayStation VR2. The game was announced during the recent State of Play presentation.


Resident Evil 8


According to Capcom producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, they are currently working to bring the entire story campaign to the upcoming headset. He also added that the game will take full advantage of the PlayStation VR2s 4K HDR Display, Eye Tracking, and the new controller.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (‘Supported Content’) – Capcom

Capcom is currently in the process of remaking Resident Evil 4 for the PlayStation 5. The upcoming remake will also support the PlayStation VR2. Although we are not sure if the entire game is playable on the PlayStation VR2, the way the development is going is promising.

No Man’s Sky VR – Hello Games

Hello Games founder Sean Murray personally confirmed that No Man’s Sky is currently in development for the PlayStation VR2. The PlayStation Blog control system, cockpits, and land vehicles gets rebuilt in this phase.


No Man’s Sky VR


Like all the games on this list, the game will take advantage of the PlayStation VR2’s new system and controller. If you have experienced the brilliant gameplay of No Man’s Sky on the PlayStation VR, then you will definitely going to love what Hello Games has done to their game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Retribution – Skydance Interactive

Skydance Interactive recently announced that they are working on the second chapter of their acclaimed PSVR game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for the PlayStation VR2.


The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 will feature new weapons, new enemies, expeditions, stealth, and more realistic physics as well as design. The upcoming game promises to provide players with a more immersive experience.

Among Us VR – Schell Games

Among Us VR was previously in development for the PlayStation VR. According to Upload VR, the studio is planning to make the game a launch title.


Among Us VR


Among Us VR will be able to accumulate 4-10 players during each round. The only difference is that players will be exploring the ship from a first-person perspective.


Runner is an anime shooter by Truant Pixel and by the developer for the PlayStation VR2.In Runner, players take the role of a biker who wields dual weapons. The game features fast-paced action set on futuristic highways.



Low-Fi – Iris VR

Lo-Fi is a sci-fi game that takes place in a dystopian future. The game aims to provide players with a futuristic life simulator where they can freely make decisions on how to tackle the game. Lo-Fi launches when the PlayStation VR2 launches.


Low-Fi – Iris VR


Samurai Slaughter House – Tab Games

Samurai Slaughterhouse is an action game by Tab Games. The game is comes in black/white style and relies on physics-based combat. The developers have already confirmed that their game will be coming to the PlayStation VR2.


Samurai Slaughter House – Tab Games


The PlayStation VR2 comes with tons of new features including a new controller. As per Sony’s description, the headset features a 4K HDR Display, enhanced comfortable design, Eye Tracking system, Inside-out tracking, headset feedback, tempest 3D Audiotech, and much more.
The headset comes with a PlayStation VR2 Sense controller that features analog sticks/buttons, finger touch detection, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers.

The Coming of PlayStation VR2

The PlayStation VR2 launches next year and given the track record of Sony, the gadget will probably launch by October just like the original PlayStation VR. Speaking of the original PlayStation VR, there were 45 games and seven VR Experiences available during its official launch.


PLayStation VR2


There is a huge possibility that there will be over 50 games available by the time of the PlayStation VR2’s launch. Unlike before, Sony now has enough experience and resources to develop its virtual reality platform. With that said, there is a huge possibility that the PSVR2 will make virtual reality gaming mainstream.

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