Halo Infinite’s Coop Mode to be Available in Season 2

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Halo Infinite, will be making its way to PC and Xbox Series X/S this month. As the official launch of the epic game comes to a close, fans of the franchise are more hyped than ever, especially now that the open beta is in full steam. In line with the open beta, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is perhaps more anticipated than the main campaign itself. Not only is the feature free-to-play but it also boasts tons of new modes, maps, and unique events. On top of that, the multiplayer is going to feature community-focused content.

Speaking of contents, 343 Industries has already revealed some of the game modes that will be coming to the game. One of which is the Arena which brings the classic 4-player squad experience. Another is the Big Team Battle that allows players to mix and match weapons, vehicles, and equipment. Moreover, Halo Infinite will also provide a more in-depth Spartan Customization by allowing players to discover and earn cosmetic items through the main campaign and multiplayer modes.

Nevertheless, players are still anticipating other game modes teased by the developers. One of which is the campaign co-op scheduled to go live in Season 2. Another missing feature is the Forge Mode which, as per Joseph Staten, Head of Creative at 343 Industries will be making its way to the game in Season 3 in an interview with Eurogamer.

What is Halo Infinite’s Campaign Co-Op Mode?

Halo Infinite’s Co-Op Campaign Mode allows the player to experience the single-player or the main campaign with a friend. There is a huge probability that this mode will be similar to Halo Wars or have some elements inspired by the aforementioned Xbox 360 game. In short, Co-op will allow you and your friend to explore the semi-open ringworld of Zeta Halo.

What is Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode?

Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode has various tools. This part will allow players to script events that will affect map objects, vehicles, weapons, and players. As per the leak in Twitter, Halo infinite’s Forge Mode has a powerful scripting features that will dwarf those of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Reach.

Halo Infinite Forge Mode Graph
Halo Infinite Forge Node Graph Image from Twitter

This means that players will be able to create custom firefight maps packed with scripted AI enemies. In other words, a player will be able to create a mini-game according to his preferences, which is awesome, to say the least.

Halo infinite Co-Op Campaign and Forge Mode Launch

Originally, both Halo infinite’s Co-op Campaign and Forge Mode wil go live along with the main game. However, 343 Industries decided to extend the first season of the game up until the spring of 2022. In an interview with Eurogamer, 343 Industries’ head of creative stated that their goal is to ship the highly anticipated co-op mode on Season 2. But not only that, also Forge tool on Season 3. This means that players will have to wait for a minimum of three months. All before they can get their hands on the Co-op mode.

In addition, Joseph Staten in the same interview stated that addressing the player’s feedback while working on the Co-Op and Forge mode will be their challenge in the coming months. Nevertheless, they will make sure that the two promised modes will be delivered to the community as promised.

Despite the delay, 343 Industries’ assured the Halo community that they are committed to the delivery of the promised features plus more. As for the first season, the developers made sure to provide players with enough content to keep them busy throughout the season. For starters, the developers recently unleashed the Fracture: Tenrai as a reward for the free 30 tier event.

Prepare for Battle

  • December 8 – PST: 10am, EST: 1pm, BRT: 3pm, GMT: 6pm, CET: 7pm, MSK: 9pm, IST: 11.30pm
  • December 9 – CST: 2am, JST: 3am, AEDT: 5am, NZDT: 7am

Halo Infinite will launch on December 8, 2021, on Steam and Xbox Series X/S. The launch of the game will be simultaneous across the globe. This means that players will have to wait for the game to go live in their respective regions.


Prepare for Battle in Halo
Image from Halo Infinite’s Official Twitter Page

If you are one of those players you can check the image above. That’s for the time the game goes live in your respective region. Just make sure to preload the game on your console or PC.

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