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Arena of Valor Best Marksman and Heroes to Use


As of today, multiplayer battle games – like Arena of Valor – have taken their wings to a different and higher level. Most probably, you’re still addicted to playing it with some of your friends, whether it may be mobile or in other devices.

Well, practically speaking, there are many extreme and unusual action games to choose from online. For instance, you might have encountered trying the best battle games out there for some time too.

The Arena of Valor (AOV) game, which was the Realm of Valor and Strike of Kings before, is an online five versus five battle arena. There are various heroes with designated roles that you can select to fight in a challenging match against the enemies.

Of course, in every multiplayer match, there’s always a hero that each player used to pick. You can identify them as your “biased” heroes, the ones you can’t live and play without using their super abilities. It may be a tank, an assassin, a charger, or even a marksman. You still want to unleash the best techniques and skills that your hero has. After all, your end goal is to win the battle with your team.

But, if you are fond of using a marksman hero and playing the Arena of Valor, you might think of which heroes are the best to use and how they are good at gameplays. Well, listed down below are some of the best marksman heroes in AOV. You should probably start recalling this up, as you might get some techniques and thoughts for your next game.


VIOLET, The Pistol Assassin

As claimed by many, Violet is the most versatile marksman hero in AOV with excellent mobility and incredible damage to the enemy. Her fundamental and typical role is to support in accumulating costs to the opponent’s side.

violet of arnea of valor



Violet’s tactical and signature move lies in her first ability, the Tactical Fire. This skill permits her to burst down enemies from unfair distances on a regular more. The other skills that enable her to increase damage to the team’s opponents are fire in the hole and concussive rounds.

Each ability captures the value of slowing down the opponent’s speed and drawing down to target them easier. This hero turns everything to have a better straight and team fight. Violet’s primary game role is to Jungle and looks after the side lanes.

Undoubtedly, she’s an ideal marksman hero good for a long-range shoot-out and damage control. With perfect gameplay combinations, your team will reach out to the victory in no time.

However, it might take some time for beginners and other players to master the positioning and repositioning of Violet. Also, she is unsafe at hard crowd control abilities such as immobilization and stuns. So, you better watch out for that uncertainties to capture the best moves, Violet.


LINDIS, The Sentinel

Lindis, The Sentinel, is hailed as one of the powerful marksmen in AOV. She’s able to clear out the jungle and tear down enemies while in combat. An ideal hero if you a major defend and damage role in the team.


lindis of arena of valor


Surprisingly, in every game, players use to ban her out because of her eyesight and gold speed abilities. Her first control, the piercing gaze, enables her to see the enemies hiding around. Well, this one matches out with her entrapment ability that traps out enemies for quite some time.

One of the good things about Lindis is that her mobility can boost while passing down the bush or grass. This ability keeps her up to become a reliable marksman system as compared with the other heroes.

On the other side, while Lindis has high mobility, she lacks escape tools that might later take her into trouble. She also lacks poking abilities, which might not be suitable for an early game. So, you better take note of this stuff for better gameplay of Lindis.

Overall, Lindis is a hero that’s good with damage and mobility. She’s considered an absolute opponent for being “hard to track down” and “hard-hitting” hero because of her abilities.


THE JOKER, The Man Who Laughs

Admittedly, everyone knows who the Joker is. He’s probably famous because of his criminal records and the things that he has done in his life. But in AOV, the Joker is perhaps an excellent selection for the marksmen heroes.


arena of valor the joker


With his poke abilities, he can safely damage and target enemies from afar with minimum effort. His first ability, the killing jokes, enables him to launch a rocket and shoot out enemies at a certain level. This capacity is also suitable for dealing with proper damage amounts in minions.

Well, the Joker has some excellent escape tools with his pick-a-card ability. He can either use this ability to dash through or escape from you. This matter certainly taps out the right combination with his poking skills that makes it easy for him to hit the enemies out.

Even so, he has exceptional abilities; the Joker needs some sustained damage. He cannot go into a one-on-one battle with warriors or assassins with some defensive teams.


YORN, The Hotshot

Yorn sets to become one of the most reliable marksmen in the game. He will mostly finish the game out with insane damage to the enemies. This hero is ideal for an organized team without an assassin on the opponent’s side.


arena of valor yorn


His explosive abilities through his arrow enable him to deal massive damage and capture the rival’s weak spot. Also, his skills extend to slowing down the enemies making him spot them more comfortable.

With his powerful force, he can easily dominate the battle, especially if wholly built during the early game. Yorn can kill a hero in a burst or two which makes him a real offensive marksman. His ultimate can damage and end anyone on the map.

However, Yorn’s limit lies in his health and armor. Also, he has no escape tool to use in running away from the enemy. The catch here is that even if he has a flicker, an assassin or warrior can quickly attack him.

Above all, his hero impression lies in how you play the game. Yorn’s abilities unleash if you have settled him up during the early game. If this scenario happens, then there’s no doubt that he can carry the game out.


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