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Should You Get The Last of Us Part 1 Remake For $70?


One of the best games to ever be released was The Last of Us, an action-adventure that was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was initially released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and then a remastered version was released in 2014 for the PlayStation 4. Now, a remake is being released in September 2022, this time for the PlayStation 5. The Last of Us Part 1 (Remake) has a starting price of $70. But is this price worth it for the game?

Is it worth shelling out $70 for a game that many already bought twice? And will there be anything new that can justify the price of the game? Let’s discuss more in this article.

the last of us part 1
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What is The Last of Us Remake All About?

As the name of the title of the game suggests, it’s a remake of the popular action-adventure game The Last of Us. Therefore, it’s going to be the same video game, with the same gameplay, storyline, as well as ending. Everything that people enjoyed in the original version, as well as the remastered version, will still be present here.

But it doesn’t mean that there won’t be anything new. One thing that you can appreciate with a remake or remaster is that there will be a massive visual upgrade. The technology that didn’t exist 8 years ago will allow developers to be bolder and more ambitious with the visuals that they can put in the game. Therefore, the game is now more realistic than in previous versions. It’s because the developers rescanned all previous artworks and reanimated them.

Now, you can see more details on the face of the characters, as well as other visual aspects of the game. In addition, the game environment looks more natural, and all of these are just previews of the actual game. Since the limitations of the PS4 are no longer present, Naughty Dog can further bring out their reputation of being the most technically proficient developer. But are visuals the only new thing that you can expect from The Last of Us Remake? Well, the developers said no, so let’s discuss what those are.

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What’s New With This Game?

Naughty Dog promised that fans won’t just get a repackaged version of The Last of Us Part 1. But they did develop the game from the ground up, instead of just remastering what they already have. So it’s like they created a new game. It’s the main reason why there will be new things that they’re promising to the fans.

One of those new things is modernized gameplay with improved controls and expanded gameplay, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. The developers also expanded the accessibility options, as well as enhanced the combat and exploration of the action-adventure. Moreover, the game now features 3D Audio haptics and adaptive triggers.

The Director of the game, Neil Druckman, also mentioned that The Last of Us Part 1 is the “definitive version.” I’m not sure if his “definitive version” here means it’s the conclusive version of The Last of Us. But it sure sounds like one. Of course, I won’t be surprised if there’s another remaster 10 years down the line. The game is just that good, so it’s not surprising if developers still remake this game for future generations and consoles.

They promised more new things for this game, but it’s hard to say how these things will pan out since the actual game has not been released yet. But the trailer videos so far look promising. But is that enough for you to buy this game at the standard price of new games that comes out on the PS5? Well, it likely depends on your preference.

the last of us part 1 gameplay


Is Last of Us Part 1 Worth Getting?

If you’ve played the original The Last of Us with the remastered version, then there’s no need to shell out $70. Sure it would be great to experience the visual upgrades, new gameplay, as well as other new features. However, I believe that $70 is too expensive just for that. Sure, if the changes made were as drastic as the ones that Square Enix did with the Final Fantasy VII Remake (considered one of the best games of 2020), then yes price tag would be worth it.

Otherwise, it would just be a waste of money on your part. But if you haven’t played The Last of Us yet, or you’ve only played the 2013 version, then I would say that $70 is worth it. After all, it would still be a new game for you or just the second version. If you already played both versions of The Last of Us, then this remake won’t be worth it for the price tag. But if this will be your first time playing or you only played the 2013 version, then yes it’s worth it to get the remake.

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