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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes – The Ultimate Team of Characters to Play


Are you a big fan of the Star Wars franchise? Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to play a game with your favorite Star Wars character? If that’s the case, then you will enjoy the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes role-playing game. Here, you can create the ultimate team from your favorite Star Wars Heroes!

If you’re new to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and you want to know which characters you should consider adding to your team, then you’re in for a great treat! Here, you will find the top 8 Star Wars characters that possess unique powers to help you achieve victory! Create combos easily and more flawlessly in Star War: Galaxy of Heroes.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes play
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Top 8 Best Star Wars Characters

First, you need to assemble your team with superpowers that will complement one another. After that, you need to upgrade their abilities, so you can quickly climb to the top of the ranks. Lead raids with your guild and fight in epic warship battles to become the master of the galaxy!

Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan is a good leader that makes her one of the best characters in the game. She can grant protection, speed, and power to the rest of her Jedi allies in battle. But even though she boasts leadership skills, she is often seen as a regular unit. As a ‘regular’, she offers a great advantage to her allies by removing enemy buffs and ally buffs while granting them the ‘Legendary Battle Mediation’ status. This can improve their potency and counterattacks. Overall, she offers almost everything except for healing. And that makes her a great ally.

Star Wars Bastila Shan
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Hermit Yoda

Hermit Yoda doesn’t have leadership traits, so it’s advisable to never let him lead the squad. Instead, he does have healing and buffing abilities, paired with his excellent stealth and evasion, which makes him very hard to suppress. His most popular power is granting his allies the ‘Master’s Training’ buff, which increases his allies’ stats.

Star Wars Hermit Yoda
Image Source: Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes – Hermit Yoda Gameplay


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Third on our list is the brilliant blue-skinned and red-eyed character, Grand Admiral Thrawn. He is used mainly as a leader to increase his Empire allies’ stats while granting the ‘Maneuver’ action, which dispels debuffs. But since you can only use his skills with Empire characters, he is often used as a regular unit where his talents can benefit everyone. In addition, he has several skills that inflict significant damages to his opponents, such as stun, fracture, and ability block.

Star Wars Grand Admiral Thrawn
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General Kenobi

General Kenobi is a great support and tank combo that can taunt for a turn if an ally is critically hit. He is capable of giving his ally the critical hit immunity, which can save them from further damage, plus giving them time to recover. Additionally, he can turn the traps of his opponents into strengths by granting opposite buffs.

Star Wars General Kenobi
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Darth Sion

Darth Sion’s ‘pain’ debuff can further strengthen his abilities so he is also a good addition to your team. At the same time, he can also showcase attacks that enemies cannot easily evade. He also has the Held by Hatred trait, which fully recovers his health, permanently increases his strengths, and revives him when knocked out.

Star Wars Darth Sion
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Jedi Knight Revan

Revan has a series of extraordinary abilities with incredibly fast cooldowns. He can heal and remove buffs at the same time from Jedi and Old Republic allies. In addition, he can deal extra damage to dark side forces, increase enemy cooldowns, call on assists, and many more. This makes him highly effective in battles.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Revan
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Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus boasts the eight-turn cooldown ability, called ‘Annihilate’. This is effective to use at the start of the match to defeat an enemy even if they have full health and protection. He can also quicken the cooldown with his other attacks, dispelling buffs on enemies and lengthening their cooldowns.

Star Wars Darth Nihilus
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Grand Master Yoda

Lastly, we have Grand Master Yoda, the wisest member of the Jedi Order. He is able to retain his status as one of the elite characters ever since his debut many years ago. His special ability called ‘Masterstroke’ replicates enemy buffs while dealing damage, and he can share it with his allies to create a powerful combo.

Star Wars Grand Master Yoda
Image Source: Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes – Yoda Unlocked

Playing along with these characters will surely help you create the ultimate team for battle. The only thing you need to do is to utilize and push all their abilities at their finest.