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Marvel Contest of Champions Mastery Guide For Beginners & Pro


Marvel Contest of Champions is a wildly popular and very addicting fighting game for mobile. The Marvel Universe, on which the game is based, has a strong cast of heroes and antagonists. Players can gather, improve, and compete against their favorite characters in this immensely exciting game.

Acquiring mastery over the game’s mastery system is one of the keys to victory in the Marvel Contest of Champions. It is essential because it gives you an edge to leverage your heroes’ abilities. This blog will examine the game’s mastery system and provide advice to maximize it. Here is the Marvel Contest of champions’ best mastery setup to guide you.

Marvel Contest of Champions Masteries’ 4 Distinct Kinds

A key component of the Marvel Contest of Champions is mastery points. Players get mastery points as they go through the game, and more mastery points get unlocked with each new level. A player’s fighting prowess can be improved by using these points to unlock and upgrade a variety of masteries. There are 4 distinct kinds of mastery in this Marvel Contest of champions mastery guide.

Offense Mastery

The offensive skills, such as attack power, critical hit rate, and special attack damage, are enhanced in this category.

Defense Mastery

This category emphasizes enhancing players’ defensive skills, such as health, armor, and blocking prowess.

Utility Mastery

This category concentrates on giving players practical tools and skills. They include greater power growth, decreased ability accuracy, and the capacity to initiate buffs and debuffs.

Synergy Mastery

This category focuses on improving players’ ability to work well with others. Such ability is either improved attack power or health for specific champion pairings.

Marvel Contest of Champions Master Guide
Image Source: Marvel Contest of Champions Master Guide


Marvel Contest of Champions Mastery Tips

Marvel Contest of Champions is fun, especially if you know how to follow the best tips to move within the gameplay. So, how do you make the most of these masteries? Here are the 7 tips for beginners.

1. Plan Your Mastery Tree

Planning your mastery tree is one of the most crucial steps you can do to conquer the Marvel Contest of Champions. Consider the character you want to develop and the masteries that best enhance your skills. Think about your playstyle and the masteries that will be most beneficial for it. Before using your hard-earned mastery points, plan out your mastery route using the alternatives that offer mastery tree planners.

Planning For Mastery Tree - Marvel Contest Champions
Image Source: Planning For Mastery Tree – Marvel Contest Champions


2. Balance Your Masteries

Your masteries should have 4 categories all in all. Although it can be tempting to concentrate only on offense or defense, it can leave you exposed in some circumstances. For instance, a player with a high offense but a weak defense might have trouble stopping powerful opponents.

Similarly, a player with a strong defense but a weak attack can find it difficult to dispatch opponents rapidly enough. You can be more prepared for any situation by balancing your areas of expertise. Doing so will eliminate the factors of your opponents.

Balancing Masteries
Image Source: Balancing Masteries


3. Focus on Utility Masteries

Utility masteries can be very helpful in battle but are frequently disregarded in favor of offense and defense masteries. Stupefy, Pacify, and Petrify are three masteries that can significantly lessen an opponent’s ability’s potency, making battles considerably simpler. Similarly, masteries like Willpower and Recovery can keep their health up even when your champion takes a lot of damage. Never undervalue the influence of utility masteries.

Utility Masteries - Marvel Contest of Champions Mastery Guide
Image Source: Utility Masteries – Marvel Contest of Champions Mastery Guide


4. Upgrade Your Masteries

You must upgrade your masteries to stay competitive in the Marvel Contest of Champions. Gaining more mastery points as you play the game will enable you to unlock and improve masteries. Your champions will become even more potent in battle due to upgrading your masteries. Doing so will also considerably boost their efficacy. Never be hesitant to invest mastery points in improving your masteries.

Upgrading Mastery in Marvel Contest Champions
Image Source: Upgrading Mastery in Marvel Contest Champions


5. Experiment with Different Champion Combinations

Experimenting with various champion combinations is another essential step to understanding the Marvel Contest of Champions mastery guide. When creating your mastery tree, it’s vital to remember the champion lineup you’ll be using. It is because some masteries function well with certain champions. Moreover, some champions get synergy bonuses when paired with particular other champions. Find the champion combinations that work best for you by taking the time to try them.

Marvel Contest Champions Mastery Guide
Image Source: Marvel Contest Champions Mastery Guide


6. Keep an Eye on the Meta

Marvel Contest of Champions’ metagame continuously changes as new champions, and masteries enter. Monitoring the meta and modifying your mastery tree as necessary is critical. This can include unlocking and upgrading new masteries or altering your champion composition to benefit from new synergies. Avoid growing to your current setup; always be prepared to change it to fit the meta.

Marvel Contest Champions Meta
Image Source: Marvel Contest Champions Meta


7. Don’t Be Afraid to Respecify

Respecifying is not a bad idea if you discover that your mastery tree isn’t performing as well as you intended. You can start over and reset all of your mastery points by respecifying. This might be helpful if you made a mistake when creating your mastery tree. This is also the case if your playstyle has changed, and you must modify your masteries accordingly. Remember that respecifying does have a cost; you must expend units to do so.

Marvel Contents of Champions Master Guide - Disabling Mysteries


Use this Marvel Contest of Champions Mastery Guide

Becoming a competitive player in the Marvel Contest of Champions mastery requires understanding the game’s mastery system. You’ll be well on your way to winning the game by meticulously preparing your mastery tree, balancing your masteries, and upgrading them frequently.

You should also consider experimenting with various champion combinations, monitoring the meta, and being prepared to respecify as required. Remember these suggestions as you continue to practice and improve in the Marvel Contest of Champions.


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