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Top War Battle Game Guide – Tips & Tricks You Should Know


Top War: Battle Game by Topwar Studio reveals strategic gameplay features everyone would like. In the game, you build and manage your own base, gather resources, and engage in battles with other players. It has gained a significant following since its release and captivated some active players. If you’re a newcomer, you will enjoy the combination of base-building and real-time strategy elements with this Top War Battle game guide.

Beginning the Top War Battle Game Guide

It can be challenging for new players to get started and progress through the game. This Top War guide will cover some of the essential tips and tricks to help you succeed and learn how to play Top War.

Building Your Base

One of the critical aspects of Top War Battle Game is building and managing your base. It’s essential to prioritize building and upgrading your resource-generating structures. They include mines, farms, and oil rigs. These buildings provide the resources necessary to build and upgrade other structures, research new technologies, and train troops. Additionally, you’ll want to focus on building defensive structures, such as walls and turrets, to protect your base from enemies. Remember that your base’s layout can also impact its defenses.

Another essential aspect of building your base is balancing resource production and storage. It’s necessary to produce as many resources as possible. However, you should also want to ensure that you have enough storage space to keep them safe. Consider building and upgrading your warehouses to increase your resource storage capacity.

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Image Source: Building a MASSIVE Army To Conquer Enemy Bases


Research & Technology

As you progress through Top War Battle Game, you’ll unlock new technologies that can give you an edge in battles as a Top War strategy. Researching new technologies can provide you with more powerful troops. You will also have better defensive structures and faster resource production. Make sure to prioritize researching the technologies that will have the most significant impact on your gameplay.

Additionally, remember to upgrade your existing technologies regularly. Upgrades can provide significant benefits, such as reducing resource costs and increasing research speed. You’ll also want to invest in technologies that increase your troop capacity. This is because having more troops can give you a significant advantage in battles.

Top war Research & Technology
Image Source: Top War – Odinium (resource) Guide


Training your Troops

Training troops is a crucial aspect of Top War: Battle Game. You can train various types of troops, each with its strengths and weaknesses. When selecting which troops to train, consider the battle you’ll be engaging in and the enemy’s troops you’ll be facing. For example, if you’re attacking a base with primarily infantry troops, you should train more artillery troops to counter them.

It’s also essential to balance the number of troops you have between offensive and defensive units. Having a large number of offensive troops can help you conquer enemy bases. However, having enough defensive troops to protect your own base is equally important.

Top war troops
Image Source: Top War – Training Speed Guide – Train more troops in less time!


Participating in Events & Alliances

Top War: Battle Game features various events and alliances that can provide significant benefits. Events can provide you with valuable resources, technologies, and even new troops. Make sure to participate in as many events as possible to take advantage of these benefits. Joining an alliance can also give you a significant advantage. You can work together with other players to attack enemy bases, share resources, and defend each other’s bases. Additionally, alliances can provide you with access to exclusive technologies and troops.

Top war events and alliances
Image Source: How to win the Alliance defense ranking


Attacking Enemy Bases

Attacking enemy bases is a critical aspect of Top War: Battle Game. Before launching an attack, remember to scout the enemy base to understand their defenses and troop composition. This information can help you determine which troops to send and where to attack. When attacking, focus on destroying the enemy’s defensive structures first. They include turrets, walls, and any other structures that can harm your troops. Once you’ve weakened their defenses, you can focus on attacking their resource-generating structures. This can hinder their ability to build and upgrade their base.

It’s also essential to use your troops’ abilities effectively during battles. For example, artillery troops can target enemy structures from a distance, while infantry troops can engage in close combat. Make sure to use your troops’ abilities to their fullest potential to maximize their effectiveness.

Top war battle


Managing Your Resources

Managing your resources is critical in Top War: Battle Game. Always make sure to keep a close eye on your resource production and consumption. This ensures you have enough resources to build and upgrade your structures and train troops. It’s also essential to balance your resource allocation between different types of resources. For example, if you’re training more artillery troops, you’ll want to prioritize producing more metal. This is used to build artillery units.

Additionally, always remember to check your resource deposits regularly. Resource deposits can provide you with a significant amount of resources, but they require time to recharge. Make sure to check your resource deposits frequently and collect the resources as soon as they’re available.

Top war resources
Image Source: Top War – Gathering Guide – Maximize your gathering results


Using Diamonds Wisely

Diamonds are the premium currency in Top War: Battle Game. You can use them to speed up building and research times, purchase exclusive technologies and troops, and more. While diamonds can be useful, it’s important to use them wisely.

Avoid using diamonds to speed up building and research times unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, save your diamonds for exclusive technologies or troops that can give you a significant advantage in battles. Additionally, try to earn diamonds through events and achievements rather than purchasing them with real money.

Top war complete setup
Image Source: Top War – Heavy Trooper – Guide


Use This Incredible Top War Battle Game Guide

Top War Battle Game is a challenging but rewarding strategy game. By following this Top War battle game tips and tricks, you can build and manage your base effectively, train powerful troops, and engage in battles. Remember to balance your resource production and storage and prioritize research and technology. Also, don’t forget to participate in events and alliances, and use your diamonds wisely to succeed in this exciting game.

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