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The Top Alternatives to Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure


Do you want to step inside a world filled with mystery and adventure? Find clues, solve brain puzzles, and find out the answer to tricky riddles. Meet characters with unique personalities and great stories from far far away just like the Hidden City: Hidden Objects Adventure game. In this detective game, your goal is to solve mysteries and put the pieces of clues together. It can be mind-boggling, but mystery and fantasy are what ties hidden object games like this together.

Quick Overview of Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

In this game, you will play the role of a detective. Your job is to get to the bottom of the mystery concerning a sighting of an unknown city seen around the world. Unfortunately, your friend got sucked into this strange world, and you’re the only one who can save him.

Now, you must enter the mysterious place where magic and science collide. You will find things you thought weren’t real and creepy-looking creatures wandering through the streets. Once you memorize the city, you will start to solve the seemingly endless mysteries surrounding this strange phenomenon. Can you handle the truth knowing that it’s the only thing that could set your friend free?

If you want to play some more of these hidden objects games, here are some exciting alternatives that will provide you with excitement like no other. These are enjoyable and interesting as Hidden City, but they have their own unique elements you will likewise enjoy!

The Best Game Alternatives to Hidden City Game

Check out six of the best Hidden City game alternatives below.

Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of Poisoned Dagger

The Kingdom of Aurelia is a mystery hidden objects game where you play as a 13-year old boy named Sam. In the game, the kingdom is in the early stages of the Renaissance and technology. Your goal is to solve the mystery and prevent the plot planned against your friend, Princess Aurora, and the royal family. You need to find the suspect responsible for poisoning the princess and save her before it’s too late.

Kingdom of Aurelia game


Living Legends: Ice Rose

In Living Legends: Ice Rose, you will play the Novelist Edward Grand, who has found a piece of evidence regarding a tragedy in the city of Rosemount. You need to use your detective skills to help Edward solve the mystery and gather clues and more information for his new book. Go on an epic journey as you explore the Castle of the Ice Queen. You will be traversing the frozen landscapes as you thaw out locations that may be imperative to your investigation.

Living Legends Ice Rose game


The Book of Desires

Ashley woke up from a horrible nightmare, where she saw scary things coming for her in a world filled with mystery. When she woke up, she thought she had escaped the terrors of that world. But to her dismay, her real world has morphed into the one that she had dreamed of. If you’re waiting to experience horrors like no other, then The Book of Desires is the perfect hidden objects game for you.



You will be exploring the lowest depths of an aquarium in Aquascapes. It’s the ultimate hidden objects game, where you get to test your sights as you find the correct object. Earn money, decorate your aquarium, and make all your fish happy in the process.

Aquascapes game


Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murder

There’s no limit to how deep or far you’ll have to go when it comes to saving your daughter’s life. And in this hidden objects and murder mystery game, you will find a way to put a stop to The Lonely Hearts Killer. The mysterious figure kidnaps and murders people who have suffered from a love gone wrong.

Brink of Consciousness The Lonely Hearts Murder game


Secrets of Rome

In this hidden objects game, the Imperial relics were stolen and the Emperor promises to marry his daughter to anyone who finds them. Now, it’s Marcus’ job to bring them back. Solve fantastic puzzles and find the objects while enjoying the sceneries of Rome. Go on a quest to win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter.

Secrets of Rome game

Hidden object games and extraordinary storylines are what make these games fun to play. Get immersed in the creative plots and amazing graphics similar to the Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure game.