Persona 5 Royal true ending

Persona 5 Royal True Ending Step by Step Guide


Persona 5 Royal includes a variety of different epilogues, each of which involves a set of conditions that must be satisfied to reveal the best one. You really shouldn’t miss anything because the definitive Royal edition’s extra information makes it so appealing. Due to the game’s lengthy nature, you don’t want to commit a mistake and have to replay the entire narrative. So to be safe rather than sorry, our Persona 5 Royal true ending guide will give you all the main details to get the greatest result.

Persona 5 Royal true ending

You will be forced to play the game again or, worse yet, eat your ego and watch it via YouTube if you fail it. Each given date has requirements you need to meet to complete the game. With that said, if you are one of those puritans looking for the main resolution of this awesome game, keep on reading.

Persona 5 Royal True Ending’s Original Solution

You can only obtain Persona 5 Royal’s canon ending by having complete access to the additional content. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see everything, including the new partnerships. In the original Persona 5, the story course largely depended on your responses to Sae’s questions. To reach the entire conclusion, you would only have to refuse to admit your pals or even deny knowing about them. It’s a tad more challenging in Royal.

  • To unlock every content and the true ending, you must fulfill each of the following requirements:
  • Before November 18th, achieve Rank 9 with the Councilor Arcana.
  • Before December 18th, achieve Rank 5 with the Faith Arcana.
  • Before November 18th, reach Rank 8 with the Justice Arcana.
  • When a few dialogues are occurring, respond with the appropriate information.

Since the solutions to the latter criteria are rather evident, there is no need to worry about it. You should refuse any negotiations or offers made by enemies. You should have little trouble choosing the proper offers since they all involve betraying the Phantom Thieves’ principles or selling off allies.

Persona 5 Royal True Ending
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Reaching Level 9 With Councilor Arcana

The deadline is November 18. To be clear, November 17th (11/17) is the final day you may complete this. After school, Maruki waits outside Joker’s office and gives him some mental workouts that increase SP. Then, provide him with some important combat skills.

Since the confidant arc does not require any social stats, this is not extremely challenging (unlike Akechi). Maruki, on the other hand, has the highest necessary rank and the shortest cutoff of everyone on the list. Therefore, you must prioritize Maruki as a whole and finish this task as soon as you can. On 11/18, the tenth rank will now be automatically attained, bringing your confidant’s level to its maximum.

Reach Rank 5 Confidant With the Faith Arcana

Doing this task isn’t technically necessary to do so. But doing so considerably enhances the bonus content and unlocks an additional scene in the conclusion, so might as well do it. The deadline set by Kasumi is a day later, on December 18 (12/18). You only need to move up to level 5 and have a complete extra month.

Even while Kasumi doesn’t visit as frequently as some other confidants, this is still simple to do. At Kichijoji, next to the Velvet Room’s entrance in the Shopping District, Kasumi will be chilling out after school. Once more, given that there are zero social statistic requirements, there won’t be any issues.

How to Reach Confidant Rank 8 With the Justice Arcana

Although Akechi is a little more challenging to level up, you accomplish it before the deadline of November 18th. There are various personality stat needs along the route, which is the problem in this case. In the evening, Akechi is outside of Pengiun Sniper in Kichijoji.

Do not become alarmed if Akechi suddenly disappears. He vanishes after you achieve a particular rating until a certain date is reached. If you haven’t seen Akechi in a long, the chances are that your rank is at its maximum right now. The following milestones should be watched out for:

  • On June 10th (6/10), The Confidant unlocks.
  • Level 3 Knowledge and Charm are needed for Rank 3.
  • It won’t be possible to attain Rank 6 until September 3 (9/3)
  • Before November 2nd (11/2), rank 7 cannot be attained without Knowledge level 4.


How to Reach Confidant Rank 8 With the Justice Arcana

The next few weeks are yours to climb to position eight after that. This is taking place during a palace countdown. Due to the team’s early success in finding the treasure, they have decided to postpone sending the calling card until the final day. As a result, there is no issue, and you still have the opportunity to level up Akechi’s confidant. Without giving anything away, rank eight will end in a challenging single battle in which you must prevail. Doing so will move up your confidant’s level, just be ready. If you are defeated at level eight, you can keep coming back to attempt again. If you lose, it’s wise to reload rather than waste your time doing this. Similar to Maruki, the remainder of his journey will be finished automatically, adding another Arcana to the list.

Choice of dialogue for January 9 (1/9)

Choose “I can’t accept this reality” after having finished a section of the new palace.

2/2 February dialogue choice

Before the second dialogue option where you must choose “We’re stopping,” there is an initial dialogue option that is irrelevant. Do not accept the offer because the required response’s exact phrase contains a spoiler.

All that’s left to do to obtain the Persona 5 Royal true ending is to finish the game. Then reach the final palace once you’ve correctly answered each of these questions.

Obtaining the genuine ending should undoubtedly be your only point of concentration. There is a ton of additional playable stuff included with this, and the climax i the best in the entire game. Some people seem to like the original ending cut-scene but received mixed reviews. Now that you already know the Persona 5 Royal true ending, it’s time to apply it to your gameplay.
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