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Resident Evil Village Bosses Ranking & How to Beat Them


There are more bosses in Resident Evil Village than in the majority of games combined. Every hour, you’ll find yourself engaged in what feels like an unfair battle with a large monster. Assuming you do not really know exactly what you’re doing, things will not go according to your plan. Unless you use these tactics, Ethan will be pancaked, chomped, shredded, and melted in some of the most terrible ways imaginable.

As you progress through the village, you’ll come across a lot of formidable villains that won’t take no for an answer. It will require a sound strategy to defeat these obstinate bosses. Bloodthirsty vampires, hideous amphibians, and enormous werewolves brandishing enormous hammers are just a few of the horrifying bosses you’ll encounter throughout the game. Like all other games similar to the Resident Evil franchise, RE8 bosses are some of the most anticipated parts of the game. With that said, today we are going to rank the bosses in Resident Evil Village from the easiest to the hardest ones to beat. Of course, we will also provide you with some tips on how to beat each one.


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Do take note that the difficulty of each boss will still depend on your skill. This means that what could be difficult to some will look easy to others. With that out of the way, the ranking below is based entirely on my experience playing the game.

5. Donna Beneviento

Donna, a puppeteer who resides in the Beneviento home, is in charge of the puppet Angie. Given the clothing she wears, which contrasts with her animated puppet Angie, her aura exudes melancholy and mourning. The enigma surrounding her is disturbing since we don’t know very much about the actual Donna Beneviento who is hiding behind the puppet and veil she uses. She is one of Miranda’s four serving lords. In the gameplay of Resident Evil Village, the reveal of this boss is eagerly anticipated.

Resident Evil Village Boss Donna Beneviento
Resident Evil Village Boss Donna Beneviento

Although gamers have been terrified of House Beneviento since the game’s debut, it may really be the easiest part of the game. On the first playthrough, the Baby interaction makes for a suspenseful chase, but the entire scene is over and done in a matter of minutes. The conflict with Donna Beneviento also doesn’t go well.

When the battle starts, go to the first doorway on the left, ascend the stairs, and proceed into the chamber on the right. At the far end of the room, a drawer chest is where Angie is currently perched. Angie can be found on the left end of the sofa if you go back downstairs to the area you started in; and enter the adjacent room. After leaving the room, look for Angie resting on a rug by following the traces of blood on the wall. Before departing House Beneviento, remember to bring Angie.

4. Karl Heisenberg

Karl Heisenberg can lead you to have goosebumps with just one glance. He is a destroyer’s messenger, and nothing in his path will escape unscathed. He always has the hammer he built using his family’s engineering technology. Not only that, but this mysterious figure also possesses paranormal abilities. Behind his cowboy persona comes a brilliant mind. One of Miranda’s four serving lords, he lives in the Heisenberg Factory.

Resident Evil Village Boss Karl Heisenberg
Resident Evil Village Boss Karl Heisenberg

The boss encounter with Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village is much simpler than the one with the Factory before it. Ethan controls a mech that Chris built for him that has a cannon during the first portion of the battle. Despite not being scripted, it is extremely simple to get past this part of the battle, and Heisenberg doesn’t deal much damage.

Ethan will be forced to battle on foot after injuring Heisenberg sufficiently to cause him to lose consciousness. Keep your composure and simply fire your most powerful weapons at Heisenberg. You can easily advance through the second half after only a few rounds to stop him in his tracks.

3. Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau would serve as the weakest link on the chain if everyone on the planet were fixated on physical attractiveness. He likely realizes that as he conceals himself beneath a tough, fungus-covered leather coat. One of Miranda’s four serving lords, he remains by himself in the reservoir. He obviously belongs in the water, as seen by the fungus and his webbed feet. It is alarming when the back develops a noticeable hump. He is disgusting, yet the Mermen, one of nature’s most alluring creatures, served as his inspiration.

Resident Evil Village Boss Salvatore Moreau
Resident Evil Village Boss Salvatore Moreau

The build-up to Moreau, the third Lord to be faced in the plot, is rather planned and on the easier side, yet his boss battle is fairly challenging. In a massive boss arena, Moreau adopts a huge, hideous form and lumbers toward you. Go for the Moreau torso inside the monster’s jaws to cause the most damage possible, and always seek cover underneath a roof once Moreau starts crawling on top of buildings (He’s going to spit out acid rain that will rip Ethan’s health apart.)

While Moreau is doing this, make absolutely sure to shoot him, but be ready for a protracted struggle. Luckily, there are barrels scattered throughout the area that can be detonated for additional damage if necessary.

2. Mother Miranda

The supreme being revered by both the villagers and the evildoers is known as the ruler. Little is known about this antagonist, yet all evidence leads to her being Resident Evil Village’s major antagonist. Her cloak of raven feathers and mask conceal a mystery that, when revealed, will cause a disaster.

Resident Evil Village Boss Mother Miranda
Resident Evil Village Boss Mother Miranda

The last boss of Resident Evil Village is Mother Miranda, who presents a far more difficult task than Eveline did in Resident Evil 7. You’ll need to rapidly interpret Mother Miranda’s telegraphs, reposition yourself, and take full advantage of Quick Turning. Mother Miranda is a fantastic finale in the battle that forces you to spend all of your available ammunition and First Aid Med while you frantically try to take her out, despite not being the toughest ultimate boss in Resident Evil. Miranda will be killed if she persists long enough but be sure to be vigilant.

1. Alcina Dimitrescu

Alcina Dimitrescu, commonly known as Lady Dimitrescu, is the village’s castle mistress and a vampire. Her tall beautiful appearance and her lovely grin will charm you. She epitomizes the lethal and lovely blend of power and grace. The scattered wine bottles around the castle and the occasional wine glass in her hand indicate her growing interest in wine.

Resident Evil Village Boss Alcina Dimitrescu
Resident Evil Village Boss Alcina Dimitrescu

Considering how early in the story she engages, Lady Dimitrescu is quite tough villain. The strongest weapon you have at this point is the Sniper Rifle, which won’t have much ammo at this stage in the game, and her boss stage is quite small. Additionally, you’ll have spent ammunition on her daughters in the Castle. In addition, Lady Dimitrescu follows Ethan through the air, making it challenging to concentrate on her.

When she’s flying around, you need to aim at her body, and when she lands, you need to attempt to sneak up on this boss from behind. She’ll lead Ethan up the Palace Tower in the second phase of the fight, but don’t lose heart and continue to fire straight at Lady D. She’ll fight close at this point, but she’s still a tough opponent.

The 5 RE Village Bosses to Look Out For

There you have it, the five main bosses of Resident Evil Village ranked from the easiest to the hardest one to beat. With that said, if you have a ranking of RE8 bosses on your own, feel free to write it down in the comments section below. If you are looking for other boss battle guides, feel free to check out our Elden Ring Optional Bosses List.


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