Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Insights About The Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remake


The Pokemon franchise celebrated its 25th anniversary last February 26. And as part of their celebration, they announced that a remake of popular video game titles, Diamond and Pearl, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The new games, which were announced in a video, will be called Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. The original games came out to the Nintendo DS in 2007 and were loved by many players.

It introduced players to popular Pokemons such as Piplup, Turtwig, and Chimchar. But with the upcoming remake, players can once again relieve the awesome experience that the two games provided. This time, however, they’ll play the game on the Nintendo Switch and will enjoy it with better graphics. But what can you expect with the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? When will these games become available? Let’s discuss all the details in this article.

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & the Pokemon Shining Pearl

Game Freak, the company that usually develops Pokemon games, will not be the one developing the remake. Instead, that task will be done by I Love Computer Arts (ILCA), the company that developed Pokemon HOME. But the original director of the Diamond and Pearl games, Junichi Masuda, will still work on the remakes.

Looking at the trailer, you can see that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will still use chibi sprite graphics of the original. Of course, there are going to be improvements, as the game’s original graphics are turned into 3D models. This will improve and enhance the player’s overall gaming experience. The gameplay and quests will also be faithful to the original, so players can relive the experience they had when they played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in 2007.


Image Source: The Official Pokemon YouTube channel


The developers did not announce an official release date yet. But fans can expect Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl to be available by the end of 2021. Aside from that, fans also have another game to look forward to, and that’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an open-world Pokemon game that Game Freak will develop.

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a prequel of the two, taking place in ancient Sinnoh, in a world long before trainers and leagues were a thing. It’s also different in terms of gameplay since it’s an open-world game.

It’s like playing an adventure RPG where you can crouch, interact with the environment, hide in tall grasses, and so on. Battles are also more realistic as Pokemon you summon will appear in front of you. It’s going to be the first open-world Pokemon game. We have to admit, the trailer for Pokemon Legend: Arceus looks sick. However, you might be a bit disappointed at the quality of the game’s graphics when you watch the trailer.


Pokemon Legend_ Arceus screenshot
Image Source: The Official Pokemon YouTube channel


However, this game won’t be available until early 2022. There’s still plenty of time to improve the game’s quality. And with Game Freak developing the game, you know it’s going to be an awesome one. In total, Switch console owners will have 3 Pokemon games to look forward to within this year and the next.