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Valorant: A Rundown Of The Best Weapons To Use


Valorant is not an easy game to get into, especially if you are not into competitive tactical FPS games. Much like CSGO and Rainbow Six: Siege, Valorant has a high skill ceiling that you should take note of. Besides the colorful cast of Agents, the game also has an arsenal of unique weapons.

However, some weapons may be more catered to your playstyle than others. While there are no “bad” guns here, you should definitely take notes on which one is much better according to your preferences. And so, here is a guide on choosing the most appropriate weapons.

Some Key Notes

Unlike CSGO, you only have seventeen weapons to choose from in Valorant. While this may be an arguable decision, it’s fair enough to say that a game like this is more suited for just limited weapons. After all, in CSGO, most players would go with the AWP and rifle more than any other type of gun. The same can be said in Valorant since most of the weapon categories only include 2 of each. The sidearms, however, have over five of them.

Some weapons shoot in bursts, some are full auto. Others are single shots while another is much better with full suppressing fire.


The only time you would have a hard decision to pick a sidearm is during the first two rounds of the match. That also depends if you win the first round or not. You have five choices: Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost, and Sheriff.

  • Classic – The standard bog pistol in the game. It has a good rate of fire that shoots single rounds. The right click is for burst shots but that ability is highly situational (e.g. point-blank range).
  • Shorty – Another highly situational sidearm that only works best in point-blank range: a scenario that rarely happens every round.
  • Frenzy – A full-auto pistol that has a wide bullet spray when you fire a whole round. It’s a better choice than the classic and is more effective if shot in bursts.
  • Ghost – A much more accurate option versus the Classic and Frenzy. It shoots faster than the Classic and has better range although its damage is quite weak. Best for flankers.
  • Sheriff – The hand cannon in the bunch that has the highest damage in favor of its bad accuracy. Can pack quite the punch.


Either of the two works as long as you know how to aim the head.

  • Stinger – A popcorn shooter with a high rate of fire. Can be quite deadly up close and does burst rounds in ADS.
  • Spectre – A silent SMG with great accuracy over its rather poor damage. It still fires in full auto while ADS-ing.


The rifle you choose will depend on your Agent type and your playstyle. Arguably, the Phantom and Vandal are much better than the Bulldog and Guardian.

  • Bulldog – The cheapest rifle that shoots full auto while hip firing and burst shots while using ADS.
  • Guardian – A DMR that does good body damage every time it lands. A more affordable version than the Operator.
  • Phantom – A silenced assault rifle with awesome accuracy but weak damage. Great for popping headshots while flanking.
  • Vandal – Everybody’s weapon of choice. An extremely versatile weapon with balanced accuracy and damage.


valorant weapons featured


Sniper Rifles

You’re either a good spotter or you’re a tryhard if this is what you prefer the most.

  • Marshal – The “Scout” of the game with weak damage. A very light sniper rifle that only niche players that can pop off headshots would want.
  • Operator – Every competitive player would want to have this as their main weapon. It’s capable of killing enemies in one shot, much like CSGO’s AWP.

Machine Guns

Great for suppressing fire that gets better accuracy the more you rev it up.

  • Ares – A high-damage LMG with a low rate of fire. Great for pre-firing against enemy angles and the best tool for defenders.
  • Odin – An intimidating LMG with a high rate of fire and steady recoil. It’s the YOLO choice of players and a great enemy position suppressor.

The bottom line is, it really depends on what weapon you prefer. How you move and which Agent you pick will sum up the efficiency of your gun handling.