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Outriders – A Beginner’s Guide To Playing The Game


If you’re looking for one of the latest games to play, then that would be Outriders. It’s an online shooting RPG that takes place on an alien planet called Enoch. You play the role of an Outrider, who is an elite soldier and part of the last traces of the human race.

As you land on the planet, you’ll gain superpowers because of an Anomaly. But it also wounded you mortally, which requires you to be put into cryosleep. You then wake up 31 years later in the middle of a warzone, which is where the real game begins.

It’s a loot-based 3-player game that offers intense and challenging combat. But Outriders can be a bit confusing and hard to play, regardless if you’re an avid gamer or not. To make sure that you will have a proper start in Outriders, this article will be a guide for beginners.

It’s Important to Choose Your Class Wisely

Outriders have 4 classes to choose from, the Trickster, Devastator, Technomancer, and Pyromancer. The Trickster is a close-range fighter and has a shield generator, and the Devastator is like the tank and close-range attacker. The Pyromancer marks enemies with their skills that are killing them while the Technomancer has a strong weapon and skill leech and can heal from a distance.


Outriders class
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The class that you choose will be permanent, but you will have multiple character slots, so you can have a slot for each class. If you’re playing with friends, it’s highly recommended that one of you would play the role of Devastator. The difficulty of the combat will require that one of you should be the tank to soak up the damage and protect the weaker class. You can also use any weapon, but some weapons will have bonuses depending on your class.

Learn to Use the Cover During Combat

Outriders is a game of cover and shoot, as there will be plenty of objects and things in the game that you can use as cover. It’s important that you learn how to use it properly since it can save you a lot. When your skills are in cooldown or you are reloading, it’s best to use cover and hide from enemies. But don’t hide too much since enemies in this game tend to adjust, so they’ll eventually find ways to shoot you, even when covered.

Repeat Missions or Side Quests When You’re Stuck

Missions in Outriders can be repeated and it’s a good idea to do that if you’re having a hard time progressing. Repeating the missions will allow you to earn resources that you can use for crafting. This will allow you to craft better gear, which can help you push further in the game. It’s important that you don’t ignore side-quests as well since they’re also a good way to acquire resources and materials.

And just like with missions, you can also repeat the side-quests. You can acquire materials that you need to craft more powerful weapons and gear.


Outriders world tier


Lower the World Tier When You’re Having Trouble Progressing

Difficulty in Outriders is determined by World Tiers. As you progress further, higher World Tiers become available. You can earn better loot in higher World Tiers, but they’re also more difficult. If you find yourself having trouble moving forward, you can adjust the World Tiers to a lower level that will allow you to have more fun playing instead of struggling.

It’s Better to Play Outriders with a Team

Though you can play Outriders solo, it’s always better to play it with a team. It would be easier to progress forward if you have two other players playing the game with you. You will also have more success conquering higher World Tiers since you have companions that can help you out. Just remember not to have similar classes since it will be more difficult to progress that way, even as a team. It’s best that each player takes a certain role in the game to have better cooperation.