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Outriders – The Ultimate Review of The Latest Shooting RPG


The latest RPG that came out recently is Outriders. It’s a cooperative shooting RPG developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. The game was released last April 1, which is only less than a month old as of writing. That given time is already enough to give this game a test run and see if it’s a good game or not.

Unfortunately, the game has many issues, but it’s not as bad as what many people experienced when Cyberpunk 2077 came out. However, the issues experienced are not within the gameplay of Outriders itself. Let’s discuss more on this coop shooter RPG in this review.


Outriders Gameplay


The Issue That Plagued Outriders

Outriders is a game that requires players to connect to the Internet. It doesn’t have offline gameplay, which is understandable, considering almost everyone has an Internet connection nowadays. But the issue is not with the need to be connected always but on the server itself. It seems People Can Fly rushed the game’s release since it was already delayed. Plus, their servers are not yet completely ready. Many players were experiencing issues here and there, mostly related to connection issues.

These connection issues happen even if there aren’t any issues with your Internet at all. Many players reported freezing gameplay, long game loading times, dropping out while playing, and so on. And this issue is not only when you’re playing solo. It’s even worse when you’re trying to play coop with your friends. That is because each one of you could experience various issues while trying to play together.

One player could suddenly freeze and another could drop out. It was a nightmare experience for many players. Though as bad as it looks, it’s not something that can’t be fixed. Since it’s a server issue, the developer will have an easier time addressing it compared to game glitches. But what about Outriders gameplay? Is the game running smoothly, or will there still be game issues? Let’s discuss it in the next section.

Playing Outriders

If you’re able to play Outriders without any server issues, you get a good game. This coop shooter RPG is packed with action and challenges at every turn. In this game, you play the role of an Outrider, an elite soldier who is also one of the last traces of the human race, who’s on the verge of extinction. As you land on the alien planet Enoch, you get superpowers because of the Anomaly, which is a massive energy storm.

When you start playing, you are first required to choose one of the four classes available. There’s the Devastator, which is a tank that specializes in close-range combat. Then, there’s the Trickster, who is like a rouge that can freeze enemies and teleport. There’s also the Technomancer, a long-range specialist that can call on turrets, poison, and rockets. Lastly, the Pyromancer, which uses fire and can deal damage from mid-range.

If you’re playing Coop, the game only allows a team of three, which means one class won’t be used. Each class won’t just rely on their powers, as they can also use guns, two main weapons, and a pistol. You can also craft modifiers for your weapon and upgrade them to make them more powerful.


Outriders Gameplay 2


The Gameplay of Outriders

In terms of actual gameplay, Outriders seems like a cover-and-shoot game where it features an assist cover system. The system allows you to run from one cover spot to another. But hiding on this game is useless, considering enemies will just use a ranged attack or thrown explosives. Also, this game doesn’t seem to give you any break, as you tend to encounter many different enemies at the same time.

Playing coop can help, but the sheer number of enemies coming can be a bit overwhelming at times. Moreover, you will also encounter different enemies that are all challenging to deal with. You should also take note that once you’ve entered a new arena, you can’t run back to get away from enemies. The combat will just rest, putting you back on the battlefield. Thus, you have to clear the combat once you enter it. Ultimately, the game is challenging but satisfying at the same time if you’re able to defeat all enemies and clear an arena.

First Impression Verdict (3.5/5)

Outriders have experienced many issues upon launching, but it’s mainly a server-related issue. The game may have been ready for launch, but it seems People Can Play is not. But when you do get past the server issue, you get a fun, exciting, action-packed, and challenging shooter game. The gameplay can be a bit complex since you have to worry about the weapons and how to properly use your chosen class’s superpowers.

The combat system can also get a bit overwhelming, and it’s a shame that you can’t run away from it. But other than that, Outriders is a fun game to play. The challenging aspect adds to the game’s intrigue and appeal since overcoming them provides a satisfactory feeling. A higher score would have been given to Outriders, but the server issues can be frustrating to deal with.