Tank Class Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV – The Best Tank Classes in the Game


Tanking is not an easy role to fill, regardless of what game you’re playing. This is also true in Final Fantasy XIV, a multiplayer role-playing game. As a tank in Final Fantasy XIV, you’re not only expected to initiate battle and protect teammates, but sometimes, you also provide support. There are times where you also have to be a damage dealer on your team. But fulfilling your role as a tank will be much easier if you happen to have the right job, which is the extension of the base class.

But there are many different tank jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV, and choosing the right one won’t be easy. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, as this article will help you out. Here, we will list down the current best tank job class available in the game right now.


Tanking in Final Fantasy XIV


The Best Tank Job Right Now in Final Fantasy XIV – Gunbreaker

The Gunbreaker is the newest tank job available in Final Fantasy XIV right now, and it’s also the best one you can get. The reason behind it is because it’s an all-around job. It’s capable of absorbing damage because of its defensive abilities. It can also provide support and protection with its healing abilities and barriers. Best of all, The Gunbreaker is also capable of dealing with damage. It’s a tank that can fill up any role that your team might need, which is why it’s the best job class available in the game right now.

The great thing about this tank is that its all-rounder also makes it a great job to get if you’re a solo player. Since you can fill up any role, it won’t matter what team you join, as you can seamlessly fit in. One issue with this job is that it becomes a bit complicated as you reach higher levels. That is because it has so many abilities that you will have a hard time keeping track of all of them. Nevertheless, it is a job that’s worth getting if you’re looking for the best tank job.

A Great Alternative to the Best Tank Job – Paladin

The role of tanks in the game is to provide protection and support the team — no tank job does it better than the Paladin. Its skills and abilities are focused mostly on defense and group play. First off, it has a Cover ability, which allows it to tank incoming damage and prevents a teammate from receiving it. It also has a skill that reduces damage taken by allies behind the Paladin. What’s more, the Paladin itself has a 100% block rate, allowing it to take less damage as well.

A Paladin can also heal itself, providing great sustain during fights. It’s the ideal tank that most players would want to have in their team composition. However, the issue with the Paladin is that its damage seems a bit underwhelming. It can deal good damage but under the right circumstances. This makes this job a bit dull to play if you’re a solo player. But if you’re part of a team and they need a tank, this is a good choice.


Tanking in Final Fantasy XIV


A Decent Tank Job Option – Dark Knight

If you prefer a tank that can also dish out some damage but still provide good protection, then the Dark Knight is your option. It has offensive abilities that allow it to deal good damage to enemies. But most of the damage it dishes out is passive, so don’t expect the skill to melt the enemy health bar. Since most damages are dealt passively, it’s good at dealing sustained damage.

But this tank class is not all about damage. This tank also has some defensive abilities that can protect allies. Instead of Cover, the Dark Knight has The Blackest Night. It’s a protective barrier that you can cast on any ally and can last for 7 seconds. The barrier will be 25% of the target’s max health, giving a protective shield. The great thing about this ability is that if it’s destroyed in less than 7 seconds, you get a free cast of the damage buffing nuke ability.

This means that if an enemy destroys it, you can cast a buff for free without consuming mana. The only issue with the Dark Knight is that it consumes a lot of mana. This means that you need good timing whenever you use your abilities, or you might quickly deplete your mana.

Now that you have a few options on which tank class to choose best in Final Fantasy XIV, make sure to try them out! A few rounds of playing these characters is enough to identify which of these good tanks are ideal for your kind of gameplay or not.