Elden Ring Classes – A Brief Rundown of the Different Classes


Written by George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is slowly evolving to be the most challenging if not the best game to date, even though it was expected to launch in 2020. Launched on February 25, 2022, this anticipated masterpiece boasts a ton of accolades from both players and critics alike. With that said, if you are one of the millions of players who are getting ready for another punishment, then, you may as well equip yourself with some of the basic knowledge needed before jumping into the game. With that in mind, one of the basic types of knowledge that you should know about the game is that it features multiple classes just waiting for you to choose. Speaking of classes, below is a brief rundown of the basic Elden Ring classes that you will find in the game.

If you’re looking to jump into the massive open world of Elden Ring, then having this knowledge will be beneficial to you. After all, having the most powerful class in the game is useless if it does not fit your style of gaming. So, without further ado, check out our overview of the character classes found in Elden Ring.

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Starting Classes in Elden Ring

Like most RPG titles, Elden Ring will allow you to choose from multiple classes available in the game. Each one of the 10-starting classes in the game comes with its own unique attributes and skills that will help you in your progression. As mentioned before, you should consider each of the attributes and skills of each class and chooses the one closest to your playstyle.


The Vagabond is a defensive melee build that comes equipped with heavy armor. This class also comes with a 100% physical damage resistance shield that comes with a sword and a halberd. Despite its impressive starting build, the Vagabond is not highly recommended for beginners since the bosses in the game do not take lightly to the melee class.

Elden Ring vagabond
Image Source: Elder Ring Vagabond Build Guide



Another one of the melee builds, the Warrior comes with dual swords but without a shield. This class is highly recommended for aggressive players who prefer face-to-face combat filled with dodging-based melee gameplay.


As the name suggests, the Hero class is a melee built equipped with a weapon and a shield. In this case, however, the Hero wields a heavy axe and a shield.

Elden Ring Hero
Image Source: Elder Ring Hero Guide



The Bandit is a special melee class that employs the use of a bow and a dagger. This class is not huge when it comes to the damage department but is a great class to use for ambush and surprise attacks.


The Astrologer is a Mage/SpellCaster/Sorcerer build that employs the use of a two-handed staff. This class is highly recommended for players who are new to the game due to its long-range magic attacks. If you are a longtime fan of the “Souls” franchise, then you may find this class the easiest one to control.


The Prophet, as the name of the class suggests, capitalizes in faith incantations which is a bit similar to magic spells. What makes the prophet different from the Astrologer is that, not only can it cast short-range fire attacks, but, it can also heal itself. The Prophet class comes equipped with a small shield and a spear.


Considered as one of the best melee starter classes, the Samurai is a specialized melee/ranged class armed with a bow, a shield, and a samurai sword. This class also comes with a medium armor perfect for medium-difficulty enemies scattered throughout the map.


The Prisoner is another powerful class that’s described as a mage/melee hybrid. This class employs the use of a sorcerer staff and melee weapon. Dubbed as the Jack of All Trades in the game, the Prisoner can execute spells like an Astrologer or execute deadly melee attacks just like a Samurai. Get this class if you prefer your magic spells served with the intense damage of melee combat.

Elder Ring Prisoner
Image Source: Elder Ring Prisoner Guide



The Confessor is another hybrid class made up of melee and faith incantations. From a third-person perspective, this class is a combination of a melee class and a Prophet. Furthermore, the confessor has the ability to heal itself and can also execute stealth spells. In addition, this class also comes with a shield and sword similar to a Vagabond. Despite its impressive attributes, the Confessor is not recommended for new players due to its complexities. Get this class if you clear the game and you are looking forward to a new gaming experience.


The Wretch is the base class or character in the game. Much like the starting class in the “souls” franchise, this class comes with no attributes and no armor whatsoever. This class is basically naked and comes equipped with a basic club as its weapon. If you want to really test your skills in the game, then this is the character you are looking for.

Elder ring wretch
Image Source: Elder Ring Wretch Guide

There you have it! The ten classes in Elden Ring. To that end, it’s up to you to choose which class is suitable for your playstyle. Elden Ring is available for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Get them now for a superb RPG experience.