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Mortal Kombat – The Best Match Fatalities So Far


In the Mortal Kombat franchise, Fatality is where the winner of the final round executes a vicious finishing move on their opponent. Players have a little window of time to carry out a Fatality. This works by pressing a button and joystick combo and positioning themselves at a particular range from the opponent when the announcer says, “Finish Him/Her.”

Fatality and its variations are the most recognized elements of Mortal Kombat. So, today we will take a quick look at some of the most iconic fatalities featured in this game. The mortal combat character fatalities featured on this list are not ranked. That means the order that they are in does not translate to hierarchy.

Baraka – Food for Thought

Even though Baraka uses rudimentary Fatality moves, he still exhibits creativity. Baraka tears the skin from the face of his adversary in the fatality known as “Food for Thought.” He strikes them again, ripping off the top of their skull in the process.


Mortal Kombat - Baraka Food for Thought


He pulls the enemy’s brain out of its head in his final attack, giving it a loving look for a moment. That’s before taking a great, hearty bite out of it. Baraka’s “Food For Thought” fatality can be used from close range by pressing “Back,” “Down,” and “Y.”

D’Vorah – New Species

It can be difficult to come up with novel methods to eliminate another living thing that isn’t variants on a few common motifs. Which makes the terrible whole-body terror of D’Vorah’s Fatality memorable. The stuff of nightmares, for our vindictive “fun,” a sentient insect woman spewing thousands of her insect progeny into her victim.


Mortal Kombat - D’Vorah


Then watch as a life form of an enormous insect is hatched from the maggot-ridden torso. D’Vorah’s New Species fatality works by pressing Back, Forward, Back, then A for Xbox or X for PlayStation. You must execute this in close proximity.

Mileena – Man Eater

Maneater is the most well-known Fatality of Mileena. She takes off her mask and physically breathes in her foe. Then, turning to the other side, she spews a flurry of skeletons or bones onto the ground.


Mortal Kombat - Mileena


The first video game in which Mileena comes out debuted her iconic finisher. But it would also show up in the DLC for Mortal Kombat 11, Mortal Kombat X, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Even though the move is straightforward, this is a component of what made it famous.

How to execute Mileena’s Man Eater?

  • Mortal Kombat II – in close proximity Hold the High Kick for 3 seconds, and let go.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat III and MK Trilogy – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Low Punch in close proximity

  • Mortal Kombat X – Down, Down, Down, Down, then A (for Xbox) and X (for PlayStation)

Liu Kang – Dragon Bite

Being hacked to pieces by your opponent is indeed terrifying, to say the least. But what if you are eaten by a mythical creature instead? Nevertheless, in Liu Kang’s infamous Mortal Kombat II fatality, he transforms into a traditional dragon. Then, he consumes his foe from the waist up before returning to his regular form.


Mortal Kombat - Liu Kang


How to execute Liu Kang’s Dragon Bite?

  • MKII – Down, Forward, Back, Back, High Kick. (Close)
  • MK4 – Forward, Forward, Forward, Down, BLK + LK + HK. (Sweep)

Scorpion – Nether Gate

Nether Gate is one of Scorpion’s Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 2011. In this fatality, Scorpion pulls out his spear, stabs his foe in the chest, and then encircles the foe’s neck with it.


Mortal Kombat - Nether Gate


He then kicks them into a gateway that leads to the Netherrealm beyond them. A doorway then appears above him after that. His opponent is thrown out of it, having its skin melted off, and is now suspended by Scorpion’s spear in what looks like a hanging posture.

To execute the Nether-Gate fatality you need to be in close proximity. Then press Back, Forward, Back, then A for Xbox and X for PlayStation.

Scorpion – Toasty

It’s Fatality like this that makes people talk about it for years. In this fatality, Scorpion removes his mask to expose a skull underneath and unleashes a fire breath attack that instantly transforms his foe into a skeleton. Variations of the action are in succeeding games, and the body still lies on its knees, perhaps worshiping its murderer.


Mortal Kombat - Scorpion Toasty


How to execute Scorpion’s Toasty?

  • Mortal Kombat – hold Block or high kick then press Up, Up followed by a sweep.
  • MKII- hold Block then press Up, Up, High Punch then Jump
  • MK Trilogy – press Down, Down, Up, High Kick then Sweep
  • MK4 – in close proximity press Back, Forward, Down, Up, and High punch
  • MK vs DC Universe – Down, Down, Down, then B for Xbox or O for PlayStation Jump
  • MK 2011 – Down, Up, Up, Y for Xbox and Triangle for PlayStation then Jump
  • MK X – in mid-range press Up, Up, Y for Xbox or Triangle for PlayStation.

Kung Lao – Body Slice/Hat Split

There were plenty of beheadings, explosions, and other extreme violence in MK2. Nevertheless, Kung Lao utilizes his signature razor hat to divide his opponents down the middle and give us a good glimpse at either side.

The fatality during its time was jaw-dropping on an entirely new level. Hat Split was formerly known as the Body Slice Fatality in MKII, MKX, and MK: Shaolin Monks.


Mortal Kombat - Kung Lao


How to execute Kung Lao’s Hat Split?

  • Mortal Kombat II – Forward, Forward, Forward, Low Kick/sweep
  • Mortal Kombat X – in close proximity press Forward, Back, Forward, and A for Xbox X for PlayStation

Sub-Zero – Spine Rip

Sub-Zero snatches the opponent’s neck and rips out both the spine and skull. He immediately copied his older brother’s fatality. This served as the finisher in Armageddon as well. (MKX, MK: DA, MK:SM, MK:4, MK:2011, MKG).

Sub-“Spine Zero’s Rip,” arguably the most recognizable Fatality from the first Mortal Kombat, defies your assumptions right away. What appears to be a “normal” uppercut to take the head of an adversary is instead a grab that results in the removal of the whole spinal cord.


Mortal Kombat - Sub-Zero


Adding insult to injury, the top of the opponent’s horrified head is still attached. Sub Zero’s ability to pluck his opponent’s spine out of their torso like he’s plucking a bunny from its hole is the epitome of cruelty, silliness, and spite.

How to execute Sub Zero’s, Spine Rip?

  • Mortal Kombat (1992)– in close proximity press Forward, Down, Forward, and High Punch.
  • MK3 – in close proximity press Down, Down, Down, Forward, and High Punch.
  • MK4 – in close proximity press Forward, Back, Forward, Down, HP + BLK + RN.
  • MK: 2011 – in close proximity press Forward, Down, Forward, and Y for Xbox or Triangle for PlayStation

There you have it, our selection of the most iconic fatalities in Mortal Kombat so far. With that said, feel free to share your favorite finisher in the comments section below.

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