5 Best Indie Horror Games That You Can Play Free on Steam Right Now


A horror video game usually comes from horror tales and intends to make the player feel uneasy. Horror video games almost often focus their plot or visual presentation on gameplay.  Unlike the majority of other video games that works by their gameplay. They also employ a range of gameplay formats.

The narrative elements of video games, such as science fiction or fantasy, have historically are not seen often. Instead, systems based on gameplay, or occasionally game modes or platforms are much better.

Today there are five subgenres in the horror genre. As much as we want to discuss the five subgenres, that is a topic for another day. Yet, we will take a quick look at five of the best indie horror games that you can play for free on Steam. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the list.

SCP: Secret Laboratory – Northwood Studios

SCP: Secret Laboratory is an online horror game that draws inspiration from the SCP Foundation series. The game mainly covers the entire SCP and its extended universe of creatures and paranormal occurrences.


Indie Horror Game - Secret Laboratory


The SCP Foundation’s goal is to protect the globe from any entities, things, or occurrences. Specifically, those pose a threat to humanity. This is to ensure that society’s norms are still well.

The game follows an original The Foundation is under attack from forces of the Chaos Insurgency. Smacked in the middle of the conflict, players are given the option to choose one of the six roles available in the game. Get this game if you want to explore the SCP foundation.

Ultimate Custom Night – Scott Cawthon

Get stranded alone in your workplace once again. Continue fighting off the deadly animatronics in this ultimate FNAF mashup. With 50 distinct animatronic characters, the customizing possibilities are practically limitless. Set the characters’ level of difficulty to anywhere between 0 and 20, then get into the action.


Indie Horror Game - Ultimate Custom Night


Two side doors that open directly into your office, two vents, and two air hoses must all be controlled from your desk. If you want to succeed this time, you’ll need to master additional equipment. Go for something like a heater, air conditioner, global music box, generator, and more.

As if all of that wasn’t challenging enough, you’ll also have to place laser snares in the vents. Gather Faz-Coins, buy things from the reward counter, and, always, keep a constant check on not one, but two Pirate Cove curtains. Get more details about this game when you play it today

Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft – Bit Golem

Dagon is a 3D storytelling experience inspired by the short story of the same name by H. P. Lovecraft. It offers an interactive gateway into the polarizing genius’s world and his widely known Cthulhu Mytho.


Indie Horror Game - Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft


Put yourself in the position of a morphine addict and former ship officer as you descend into the Stygian Depths! Discover the hideous, long-forgotten horrors that dwell on an eldritch island far away and bask in Lovecraftian terror.

Dark Deception – Glowstick Entertainment

Dark Deception is a first-person, first-horror, action-maze game with a compelling narrative. The game combines frantic gameplay from vintage arcade games with enjoyable horror game design. The only way out of their predicament is to embrace the darkness and figure out how to survive.


Indie Horror Game -Dark Deception


Again, this is the first installment of the Dark Deception series. Explore and make it through the first maze. But be cautious because you are not by yourself! Monsters are lurking there, and they are on the lookout for you. You’ll confront your worries.

There are no places to hide or take a breather. You have two options: run or perish. You and a strange woman are in a world of nightmare mazes, and your only chance of surviving is to figure out how to get out!

No More Room in Hell

The mod of the game takes place when an illness of an unidentified origin is about to cause the entire globe to fall into anarchy. But one thing is for sure, it has already begun to gradually damage the way of life. Those who succumb to the disease rise up and commit murder, and those who murder the rise and commit murder.


Indie Horror Game - No More Room in Hell


You have very little to no chance of surviving this all-out conflict between society and the undead. Millions of the undead are already roaming the streets looking for things to consume. No known treatment exists.

It might all end with one mouthful for you. So, players are not alone in this nightmare, though. In this godforsaken hellhole, there are still a few survivors left! Still, you might survive long enough to battle your way to salvation.

Bottom Line

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