The Anthem Game | Can Bioware still bring back its core players?


In February 2019, Bioware unleashed their highly anticipated game into the public. The so-called “Bioware’s epic RPG” topped video game charts in its first week. Nevertheless, compared to games with similar mechanics like Warframe, Bioware’s Anthem did not age like fine wine. Instead, it became a product identical to McDonald’s French fries, the product does not spoil or decompose, but nobody wants to consume aged chips unless it is a matter of life or death.

With that said, what happened to one of the most anticipated games of 2019? Do you think Bioware can still save their precious title? Or will it refry their stale product and serve it back to its customers?


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Anthem of Creation

The game takes place in an unnamed planet where freelancers with powerful Javelins defend humanity from outside threats. “Anthem of Creation” pertains to infinite energy harnessed by advanced technological relics. Unstable relics are responsible for external threats as these materials terraform certain areas and mutate their wildlife.

You take the role of a Freelancer tasked with various missions across the game’s open world. Anthem features four Javelins you can unlock through progression, beginning with the all-rounder Ranger, the tank Colossus, the swift Interceptor, and the long-range Storm. Sounds cool, right? So what happened to the epic RPG that it suddenly is almost out of freelancers?


The Ultimate Grind in Anthem

Various editions of Anthem were available for purchase weeks before its launch. A standard version of the game costs $59.99, which, for the most part, is the same as a regular game. The problem is that PlayStation and Xbox players need to have an active subscription to join the game. Anthem is one of the year’s highly anticipated games made it to the top of video game sales charts. Although this impressive feat, it failed to impress the customers.

Players and critics poorly received Anthem—the PC version having a Meta score of 59/100 from 76 critics and 4.0/10 from 3600 users. Most of the players complain about the game’s painful grind, lack of progression, frame rate drops, loading screens, and failed live service. This matter led to many players leaving the game, making it a platform filled with players into a barren place not worth visiting.

Despite its flaws, Bioware promised players that they would continue to push updates that contain new content and bug fixes into the game. However, months passed, and the game is still struggling to keep players.


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365 Days Later

A year after Anthem’s release, some of its players decided to revisit the game. YouTuber Timbo who previously stopped playing the game but decided to check up on the game. Interestingly enough,  Anthem remains the same as it was before.

Although there are some changes in terms of the game’s loot mechanics, live service, and bug fixes, the game remains the same. He elaborated that the game may be heading in the right direction, but it has tons of problems that only a “major overhaul” can fix it.

Which brings us back to the question, “Can Bioware can save Anthem?” Well, the answer lies within Anthem 2.0 scheduled to launch in mid-2020. According to rumors, Anthem 2.0 will have core changes, motivating challenges, clear goals, improved rewards, etc. To that end, it’s heartbreaking to see a great concept put to waste because of a flawed structure.

Nonetheless, it’s still up for you to try and look for this game on your PC. Of course, you will surely know what the experience will be, not unless you discover and explore it on your own. You might want to tell your friends too for some reviews of the game. Check out the full video through this link here.