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Tekken 7 – Catch the Strongest Season 3 Character Tier List


In the world of eSports, a few titles require a decent amount of skills to master. In fighting games, for example, one of the most sought skill-based titles comes in the form of Tekken 7. Fair warning, Tekken 7 may look like your typical fighting game, but in eSports, Tekken 7 is anything but average. Competitive Tekken, for the most part, requires a lot of skill sets to master for someone to become proficient.

You cannot just jump into the competitive arena without knowing the technical aspects of the game. Unlike casual Tekken, the competitive field is more than just luck and button-mashing. It requires brief knowledge of frame data, character abilities, combo execution, and so much more. With that said, one of the most essential or rather the most basic things to learn is choosing your main.

This thing is where tier lists come into play. Although this list is not official and often changes from time to time, these guides are from some of the most prominent players on the competitive scene. Speaking of leading players, the tier list we have today comes from Arslan Ash. New to the name? Well, let us do a quick overview of this iconic player from Pakistan who stunned the entire Tekken community with his achievements.


The King of Iron Fist Tournament Champion from Pakistan

For many years, South Korean and Japanese players have dominated competitive Tekken. Although there are notable players from other countries like AK from the Philippines, Arslan Ash, still achieved in less than two years, broke the usual competitive cycle.

You see, Arslan Ash did not grow up in a country that’s technologically advanced like South Korea or Japan. However, he did grow up in a neighborhood where Tekken is one of the primary sources of entertainment for teens.
Imagine playing Tekken every day on coin-operated machines with limited funds you need to get right” to make the most of your money. For the most part, helped this world Tekken Champion hone his skills and, with all humility, eliminated every prominent player Tekken could produce. The best part is that Arslan Ash, despite his newfound fame and winnings, remains one of the most humble and most respected players in Tekken.


Ash’s Tekken 7 Season 3 Character Tier List


tekken 7 ranks
Image Source: https://twitter.com/devilkazuyaita/status/1042956147152617472


Now that you know something about the creator of the Tier List above, let’s take a quick overview of the top 2 and the bottom three characters on his list. The Tier List below comes from the YouTube video by another prominent figure in Tekken named King Jae.


Tekken 7 Season 3 Tier S Team


tekken 7 characters
Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMFuCxSoyXg


Leroy Smith

This character is one of the highly acclaimed Tekken 7. Similar to Kazumi Mishima and Devil Kazumi, Leroy comes with a pet animal, a female pitbull named Sugar. Aside from that, he is the first Wing Chun (fighting popularized by the movie IP Man) character to appear in a Japanese Fighting Game. Leroy is best at defensive counters, parries, and evasion. Timing and properly planned executions are vital to making this character an active main.



Since his iconic debut in Street Fighter X Tekken, Akuma has become part of the Tekken storyline. As a master of the Ansatsuken fighting style, Akuma is a character you do not want to mess with unless you know how to handle him properly. You see, the thing about Tekken characters is that the ones occupying the top tiers are the most powerful yet difficult to master. That said, it would require hundreds of hours before you can learn this character. Always keep in mind that Tekken plays differently than Street Fighter.


Tekken 7 Season 3 Tier B Team


tekkken 7
Image Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9qSk60z8SSA/maxresdefault.jpg


Lars Alexandersson

Known as the “Traitorous Fist,” is a former soldier of the Mishima Zaibatsu Empire. This Swedish born fighter has been on a rebellious quest since his debut in franchise. Interestingly enough, Lars does not follow a specific real-world fighting style. In fact, in Tekken 7, his technique goes by the term “Tekken Forces Martial Arts.” Despite being in the lowest tier, Lars is still a great fighter for a beginner to main. His rapid movement and strikes make him a dynamic character for offensive players.



A genetically enhanced human controlled by the G Corp. Like Leroy Smith, Gigas is a new character introduced in the highly acclaimed Tekken 7. Inspired by the DC character Bane, Gigas is a master of the destructive impulse technique. As the name suggests, it is the use of brute force for devastating attacks.

You now have a brief overview of some of the characters, the next best thing is to try them out yourself. Choosing a main is not just a lucky pick if you are planning to jump into the big leagues. Just make sure that you have a great connection with your character, and you should be good in no time.