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Let’s Play Tetris! | Know How This Classic Game Has Gone Through the Years


Most of us have already played Tetris. Whether you own a video game console, a smartphone, or a PC, most of us have already encountered this puzzle game in these devices. And until now, this game works with many ages and people around the world.

Alexy Pajitnov, a Russian software engineer created Tetris in the early 80s. The term came from a combination of the word “tetromino” and “tennis,” the latter known to be Pajitnov’s favorite sport. Back in the days when this classic game launched, Pajitnov did not intend to make money from it. As based on his interview from Live Science, he only designed it for fun. Since Pajitnov was very interested in puzzle games, it took his love for puzzles to create this game in his spare time. And when he then shared it with his colleagues at work.

By the time he sent a copy of the game to his colleague in Hungary, it had marked the beginning of Tetris’s discovery. And little did he know that his fun mini creation had made a significant influence in the gaming world. Now, fast track to nearly 40 years from its inception, this classic game already made a lot of rounds on the Internet. But they all come in different varieties and different twists, making it interestingly different from each other.


The Evolution of the Game


tetris unblocked
Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omXjhq7DqQY


After the original game originated in 1984 in Electronika 60, a computer made in the Soviet Union, there are more than 30  variants created all over the world. Here’s a less exhaustive list of the most popular Tetris games played by gamers worldwide.

  • The Tetris (1986) – Apple
  • Tetris (1990) – Windows Pack
  • Sega Tetris (1999) –  Sega
  • Pokemon Tetris (2002) 
  • Tetris Battle (2011) –  (Facebook integration)
  • Tetris Battle Drop (2015) – (Facebook Integration)

Year after year, you can see how the game evolves and developed by different web developers even though you know a lot of changes in the game, the way how Tetris moves remain the same. Surprisingly, there is a lot of features that move through the game every now and then. So, it is not that impossible that people still hooked with this game through the years.


Playing Tetris Today

It seems that the trend of creating a new variant of the game doesn’t stop yet. Although EA’s Tetris Blitz will soon come to an end on April 21, 2020, a new game would come alive on Play Store. The developers behind Legendary Game of Heroes: Match 3-RPG Puzzle Quest and Funko Pop! Blitz. Based on the report from Daily Mail, the deal made N3TWORK exclusively develop and publish new brick games.


tetris free
Image Source: https://store.steampowered.com/app/546050/Puyo_PuyoTetris/


For PC, numerous host sites have also published free-to-play Tetris games. One of them is Tetris (from games.lol). And just like the mobile versions, the game runs the same with all the previous versions ahead of it.

Ultimately, his classic puzzle game will still be everyone’s favorite past-time game. And no one can ever believe that this game can make a significant impact in the world of sports.