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How to Play UNO! with Friends on PC


Get your Uno cards ready and play the world’s number-one card game that is loved by many. It is best played together with three other friends or family members. Gather your group and play with different strategies to maximize your chances of winning. Who will be the first one to get rid of all the cards? Will the game become more and more intense as everyone wants to empty their hands before the others?

The game of Uno may seem simple at first just like any card, but it takes a clear understanding of the gameplay before you can start to play. You simply can’t make the Uno attack without following the rules. Each card you play needs careful consideration before laying it on the discard pile. Once you get a hold of the flow by playing several rounds, surely you won’t just let go and lose your game. You will also be motivated to play more and more until you win one round and continue to beat the others.

Moreover, there are different cards that you can play. Typically, a deck of 108 cards consists of four-color suits: blue, green, red, and yellow. Each color has 19 cards with one 0, two of each number are from 1 to 9. There are 24 cards with two action cards in each color. These action cards are Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip. A total of 8 Wild cards include 4 of each Wild and Wild Draw 4.

How To Play The Game?

Download the game on your desktop and start by choosing your avatar and setting your nickname. The objective is to empty your hand before everyone else does in the Classic Play. In the beginning, each player will be dealt seven cards, and the player to the left of the dealer will play first. Make sure to follow the Uno rules carefully and play with an excellent strategy to win.

Players take a turn to match the current card shown on top of the deck. Also, you may use individual action cards when necessary. When someone sets draw two cards, the next player must draw two cards while he even loses his turn. On the other hand, the Uno reverse card will change the direction of play. A Skip card means the player will lose his turn for the said round.

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A Careful Consideration of Each Card

You can also play a Wild card or a Wild Draw Four card despite having other playable cards. But you have to follow some restrictions to maximize and match the game entirely with your friends. The first card lets you choose the color to continue the play, while the latter will also allow you to do the same. However, the player needs to draw four additional cards and loses his turn. Although this thing might happen, you can still choose this option even if you have other cards with matching color or value.

Additionally, you can draw the top card from the deck and then play it if possible. And you might also want to keep it and perform no other card on hand during the turn. Take note that if a player has the next-to-last card to play, he needs to warn other players by calling “Uno.” This thing means that he will only have one card left after his turn. The winner will be the first one to get rid of the last card. If, in any case, that everyone still has a tag on their hand, the victor that has the least number of cards will be the winner.

Have A Great Bonding Time in UNO

Playing some games will let your mind off the current situation. Having a pastime like this is essential to avoid any worries about what will happen next. Uno can be a good distraction and take the boredom away. Find three persistent companions. You might want to avoid someone short-tempered because some friendly fights may arise at any time. The game requires patience and focus. So, try the card game now and check it on your PC! Play with someone calm, no matter how intense it gets. You just can’t afford to create a gap in your relationship when your goal is to spend time together while enjoying the game that you love.