Doom Eternal Battlemode | An online multiplayer overview


Doom Eternal which is the sequel to the 2016 Doom reboot, has been making waves across the gaming community. As expected, the game delivered more than expected. With an impressive Meta score of 88/100 from 59 critics and 7.1/10 from 1500 users, the game is currently the third best-reviewed game in 2020. Like its predecessor, Doom Eternal features tons of improvements.

From Doom demons such as level el design, combat elements, and other stuff! All of which came in one kickass soundtrack courtesy of a strong metal choir made up of iconic heavy metal vocalists. As impressive as the game may sound, Doom Eternal also comes with another unique Doom online multiplayer feature called Battlemode.


Skills vs. Strategy


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Battlemode is a 2v1 online multiplayer mode feature in Doom Eternal. It’s a showdown between two playable demons and a fully-loaded slayer. This mode is the ultimate test of skills for those playing the slayer and strategy for the ones playing devils. This mode allows the player to choose between five playable demons (Arch-Vile, Mancubus, Marauder, Pain Eternal, and Revenant) and six arenas (Armageddon, Penance, Forsaken, Tundra, Extraction, and Celestial).

Battlemode features the best of five rounds gameplay structure that allows players to choose an upgrade after each round. To win a challenge, a slayer must slay both demons. Do take note that the fiends can respawn if the other devil remains alive for a certain amount of time. Beasts, on the other hand, wins the round once the fully loaded slayer eliminates the challenge all by itself.

Battlemode allows players to earn Event XP, which the player can use to unlock event-exclusive cosmetics and level-up sets. In addition to that, players can also acquire achievements and trophies. For example, killing 200 opponents unlocks the “Blood Bath” achievement that comes with a bronze trophy and 20 gamerscore. Another is healing your teammates or yourself for 50000 health, which will unlock the “Truce Between Demons” achievement that comes with a silver trophy and a ten gamerscore.


Doom Multiplayer Re-invented


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Battlemode is another innovation. The Doom team has brought upon the aging multiplayer platform that brings a new type of experience. And for sure, every hardcore First Person Shooting (FPS) fans will seem to enjoy this activity. The million-dollar question is, how long will this type of online multiplayer lasts? Judging from the gaming community’s response to the feature and the upcoming additions, Battlemode will last for years to come.

This might be a piece of good news for you, especially if you adore playing first-person shooting games. There’s a lot of tips and tricks too that you can get alongside the internet and challenge yourself in playing this game. You can play the campaign mode and choose upgrades on your preferred values. But in order to survive, you have to know your demon and stay alive until the end.

So to do this, make sure to maximize your loot and increase your damage. It might be addicting for some time in all fairness. You can look for more things and advice on the community where you’re at for a better target.

But, as long as Bethesda keeps feeding the hungry slayers with new updates, modes, and other features, there is no doubt that Battlemode will soon become the new multiplayer norm. Even better if somehow the pattern becomes available for those without an active PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Although that may be a little farfetched, still, it’s a much-welcomed adjustment to this first mode.


Doom Conclusion

To that end, if you are already done with the game but still hungry for more challenges, Doom Eternal’s Battlemode is worth checking out. Test your demon-slaying skills or strategic slayer slaying prowess against other players across the globe. After all, demon-slaying is the perfect way to rip and tear your way towards mastery. Plus, you get to enjoy more of that killer soundtrack. Do you have the same thoughts? Why not try this game out with your friends too? But be careful, you might get addicted to it somehow.