hungry shark evolution vs world review

Hungry Shark Evolution vs Hungry Shark World Review


Hungry Shark World is the successor to the hit Hungry Shark Evolution. True to its successor, it boasts a jaw-dropping gameplay experience that takes 2d platforming to another level. With its improved gameplay, improved responsiveness, and the sheer amount of new content on Aquaman’s table, Hungry Shark World is an objectively better game. That being said, let me introduce you to the things that make Hungry Shark World an entirely new leviathan.


Revamped Graphics vs Hungry Shark Evolution

The revamped graphics of the game makes it even more comical. This new cartoony graphics style and the non-slapstick comedy offered by in-game jokes and references are a match made in heaven. After all, the game is not meant to be an actual simulation, so why not make it as entertaining as possible, right?


Multiple Worlds

In Hungry Shark Evolution, you only have one world – a vast and deep ocean that you can explore as your stamina increases. The logic is that you have to grind, grind, and grind again so that you can explore the furthest stretches of the ocean. The same goes for Hungry Shark World. You have to grind to unlock new and larger sharks. With your new sharks, you can barge through whatever obstacles that originally blocked your previous shark from going further.

This may seem contrary to the “open world” nature of Hungry Shark World, but it actually adds a sense of progression that you


hungry shark evolution vs world robo shark
Robo Shark then versus Robo Shark now


Real and Over the top Sharks

Both Hungry Shark World and its predecessor features real sharks and over-the-top piscine creations that are taken straight out of a sci-fi bestiary. Yup, World still features robo-sharks and other comical creatures. Some of the interesting creatures include:


Black Magic Shark

The Black Magic Shark is currently the strongest shark of the game. It is also the first shark that is not based on an actual animal. Personally, I see it as one of the most badass sharks in the game. With its rune-filled scales, this bad boy charges up its laser as you eat prey. Then, it can unleash what it has in store and screw up whatever is in its way. Rocks? Mines? Ultra Mines? Name it! Even the immortal jellyfishes can be decimated by this shark.


Zombie Shark

What’s scarier? The bite of a zombie that can tear you apart? Or the bite of a zombie that can turn you into a walking bag of mindless flesh? I’d say both. With the Zombie Shark, it can amass a horde of (three) other zombie sharks as it bites its prey. There’s nothing cooler than starting a horde of zombie sharks (aside from the Black Magic Shark of course)



Ahhh . . the meg. The inspiration for all the CGI shark films that give us a way to have low-cost entertainment. I’m pretty sure that you’ll love to play as this bad boy and become topple the food chain itself.



What’s scarier than a shark? A shoal of sharks of course! With this swarm of smaller but similarly vicious sharks, you can devour anything you have contact with because the whole body counts as the mouth. If you want a lazy way to play the game, then this shark is for you.


hungry shark evolution vs world all sharks


A Wider World Than Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark World features a lot more variations of prey and predator alike. Thus, you no longer have to force your shark to have a steady diet of anchovies. Throw in the interesting bosses and you’ve got an ocean full of both sights to see and sights that will eat you. Well, not just an ocean, but four oceans and the lands in their midst.

From new prey to humans and their new machinations, Hungry Shark World seems like an ocean compared to the river called “Hungry Shark Evolution”. Truly, Ubisoft does a good job with their Hungry Shark series once again.

If you want to test Hungry Shark Evolution right at this very moment, then you can download and play it on your PC.

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