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Destiny 2 Daily Challenge – Season of Plunder Challenges Overview


Last September 27, Destiny 2 Season of Plunder started its sixth week, and Guardians should brace themselves for another round of seasonal challenges, where you must complete Destiny 2 daily challenge. With this week being the final one before Grandmaster Nightfalls, everybody should be able to reach the 1595 level of power with a 15 power bonus. Furthermore, a darker side of one of the more elusive characters in the game, Mithrax, has recently come to light, which have intensified the situation in the game franchise. So keep an eye on various seasonal goals that have become available since the weekly reset!

Start concentrating on the Raise a Glass task to earn your first bit of Repute, which can uncover additional nodes on the Star Chart. Don’t forget to celebrate with your team after an event, too. If you have the appropriate subclass equipment, a few runs in Ketchrash will also aid in completing the Hailstorm and Ketchrasher II objectives, killing several birds with one stone. With that out of the way, below are the seven seasonal challenges for Season of Plunder week six.

Destiny 2 Daily Challenge – The Various Seasonal Challenges for Season of Plunder

Check out how you can complete the various Season of Plunder challenges below;

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Antiquarian VI

In order to complete this quest line challenge, players must locate their sixth relic during the 6th week of Season of Plunder. Recovering the artifact typically entails a few preliminary measures, including pirate hunts and expeditions. After completing the story material for this week, you can farm a couple of Lost Sectors for Antiquarian VI.

High-level Cabal adversaries can be found on Nessus’ Conflux and in a number of EDZ Lost Sectors close to the Red Legion’s armies. If you’re ready for a challenging mission, you can take on a Legendary Lost Sector and, based on this week’s gear rotations, you could even be able to acquire a fresh Exotic such as the Point-Contact Cannon Braces or the Fallen Sunstar. This challenge requires one relic and the powerful cabal will require 150.

Raise a Glass

This challenge is peculiar because neither calibrations nor kills are involved. Instead, participants must conduct emotes within the Expedition or Ketchcrash session. Players must do this precisely at the conclusion of each since doing so yields more loot. Emotes can be performed on Ketchcrash’s Master Difficulty to advance the game’s completion bonus. Players must have six emotes for this challenge.

destiny 2 Raise a Glass


Ketchcrasher II

Players must complete a number of tasks inside the seasonal game mode in order to advance to the next section of the 3rd week of the seasonal challenge, Ketchcrasher II. Players must take out tankers in the ether storage, hack consoles in the treasure hoard, then take out shield generators in the service bay. This challenge features 10 shield generators, 10 hackable terminals, and 20 storage tanks.


Players must beat adversaries using Arc or Stasis skills to achieve this challenge. Usually, beating enemies inside Expedition will result in bonus advancement. The Week 6 Mayhem event will be excellent for completing this particular challenge quickly. Use the Stasis or Arc abilities to defeat the target. Combatants in the Expedition and Guardians must be defeated to advance farther. This challenge requires 200 kills.

Apex Armorer

Players only need to perfect one item of armor, whether it is Exotic or Legendary, to complete this challenge. Once the weekly reset goes live, each and every Legendary armor will function because the latter requires a little too much material. This challenge will require a single upgrade and will reward players with Bright Dust.

Absolutely Stunning

To complete this challenge, all players need to do is stun the Champion adversaries. One Champion can be stunned fifteen times as a cheesy method to end the game, though. Players can accomplish this by firing Divinity Trace Rifles at an Overload Champion while it is frozen. There are between 20 and 25 Champion stuns in a full session of the weapon’s laser. This challenge requires 50 Champion Stuns to complete.

destiny 2 Absolutely Stunning


Intended Authority

The only requirement for completing this challenge is for players to obtain the Crucible ornament for the seasonal ceremonial weapon Cry Mutiny. This challenge will award players Bright Dust and EXP.

Destiny 2 Daily Challenge – Final Thoughts

Because only the first task is accessible on the initial day of Iron Banner, they qualify as “daily challenges.” Over the next three days, the next three tasks become accessible one at a time. That means there are four daily tasks to finish by Friday. If you require some gear to level up, make sure to concentrate on them because each of them will award players with a pinnacle treasure drop.

Your season pass will fill up faster thanks to the consistent flow of experience, allowing you to plunder even more treasure to equip your Guardian for Season of Plunder. Seasonal tasks can also be completed at your own leisure because they only last until December when the season ends. You can come back to Destiny 2 and finish several tasks at once if you choose to take a week off.

So that’s all we have for Seasonal Challenges for the Season of Plunder. For more guides and news about Destiny 2, make sure to keep your eyes peeled here in PlayPC.

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