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Survival of the Fittest: An Overview of Last Day on Earth and other Survival Games


Unlike most of the action subgenres, survival games come with hostile environments. There a wide variety of resources, craft tools, and other variables needed to survive. Also, these games are in a post-apocalyptic world, isolated islands, jungles, alternate universes, etc. In other words, Survival is a category that puts the player in the most uncomfortable place imaginable to fend for himself.  The fun part is that you start with nothing except maybe for the clothes in your back.

The rise of survival games began with the freeware game developed by Sami Maaranen, and Erkka Lehmus called the UnReal World. Set in Iron Age Finland, the game has set the foundations of today’s survival game. Last Day on Earth gives an excellent example of a survival game inspired by UnReal World.


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Moreover, Last Day on Earth comes with some of the most sought out elements in a survival game. Details like resource crafting and thousands of unique items scattered in a harsh post-apocalyptic environment. The game also features a diverse collection of flora and fauna randomly generated overtime.

To that end, let us look at some of the best survival games similar to the iconic Last Day on Earth Survival game, you can play free on your PC.


Z Girls II

If you are looking for a survival game with a twist, then, ZGirls II Last One is a title you definitely must check out. This amazing free-to-play game combines the intricate mechanics of a survival game along with the beautiful art of Anime. Expect the same primary challenges, hostile environment, crafting system, and so much more in a single title.


Grim Soul

Grim Soul is another exciting survival game that employs the use of the basic mechanics found in the Last Day on Earth. This title focuses more on medieval elements such as plagues, swords, magic, dungeons, and other attributes common to RPG titles. Aside from its unique setting, Grim Soul also applies a unique twist in the survival genre by replacing elements like hideouts with castles, guns with swords, electronic messaging with ravens, etc.


Jurassic Survival

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The next title on our list is Jurassic Survival. As you may have noticed, the game gets its inspiration from one of the iconic motion-picture sagas of all time. Imagine being stuck you in the middle of a place that resembles the now devastated Isla Nublar with nothing but your wits and skills to fend off deadly dinosaurs. The good news is that there are other survivors scattered around the location. Not to mention a plethora of items, equipment, and tools were lying around for you to discover. That said, if you are into hunting down prehistoric beasts using modern weapons, then, this free-to-play game is going to be worth your while.


Warz: LOS

Warz: Law of Survival is another title any survival game enthusiast should check out. Part of what makes this title is that players will get to experience survival in various scenes. Experience scenarios like virus-filled hospitals, foggy woodlands, abandoned schools, and so much more. Also, players can still enjoy the same features found in Last Day on Earth-like crafting, base building, joining guilds, among others.


Will You Survive the Last Day on Earth?

Survival Games are perfect for those players who are looking for more than just the typical action video game titles. After all, what could you ask for with a sandbox game that features a vast map to explore, tools to discover, weapons to craft, and much more? So if you think that you have the wits, skills, and the smarts to survive a harsh simulation, then what are you waiting for? Check out those brilliant games like Last Day on Earth today.

Don’t forget to spare some time and share this kind of game with your friends, too. You might want to jump into an adventure of thrill and fun! Plus, you can even share some tips on how to rule the area and be the last survivor. Don’t think twice and download this on your PC now!