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The Sims Freeplay Updates 2020


If you enjoyed playing The Sims Freeplay, you will be happy to know there are several updates for 2020. As you know, the game regularly enjoys new updates and content. Not to mention, there are plenty of competitions and events frequently held, which are announced on its Facebook page.

So what can you expect in these updates? You can look forward to more game elements like new items and quests in the expanded versions. Sometimes there will be new jobs and hobbies for the sims. Let us take a look at some of the previous updates in the game.

If you can remember, The Sims Freeplay introduced updates that fit the Valentine’s Day celebration. There were themed objects plus a new career option for the sims, which was being a scientist. As Easter came, so did the themed objects, wallpapers, floors, and clothes as the updates.

The Sims Freeplay also enjoyed other updates. Check out the social and style updates. The new social content lets the sims enjoy the nightlife, going to clubs and dancing and buying drinks. On the other hand, the style updates feature a whole new line of hairstyles and accessories, including tattoos.

Have you seen the other updates? Check out the Pool Party, which features a swimming center when the sims can enjoy a new hobby. You can also now construct pools in gardens.

And for those who want more than just swimming pools, check out the Moving Up update. It lets you purchase beach-side lots and build your dream home.

Those mentioned above are the previous years’ updates. Wondering what are the new updates?


Check out the new content for 2020


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Glam Mansion

When your sims achieves fortune and fame, this update lets you customize them according to their new high-society status. Check out the Glam Mansion update, and see the breathtaking mansion and luxurious life in store for your sims. Live the high life and get into special events in this cool new content.

What can you expect in Glam Mansion? This update lets your sims own jewelry, drive fast cars, and live an opulent life. You can also join the SimChase event, which is patterned like the “Amazing Race” gameshow.


Romantic Garden

Looking for some romance in The Sims Freeplay? Set the mood for love with a heart-warming ambiance in the Romantic Garden update. It sets the perfect atmosphere for proposals and other amorous rendezvous.

Wondering what to expect in the Romantic Garden update? You can participate in its live event and join an enchanting love experience for your sims.

Here are some of the stuff you can see in this Romantic Garden. You get to sit by an outdoor fireplace and surrounded by hedges with flowers. A white picket gate encloses this serene garden, completing a magical and dreamy atmosphere.


Desert Oasis

Are you excited to go to a holiday destination? Experience a wonderful blend of sun, sand, and fun in the Desert Oasis update. A beautiful world filled by palm trees and cacti await you on this magical environment.

What can you expect in the Desert Oasis update? You can unlock a majestic villa set on an arid desert paradise. It offers a warm getaway, featuring a boho-chic style mansion complete with rattan furniture, planters, and accented styling.


You Can Look Forward to These Other Events

Wondering what are the quests and events that are returning in 2020? Here are some of them.


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Charming Barber Hair Hobby Event

Join the Charming Barber Hair Event and unlock the available hairstyles for men. All you need to do is complete the seven-day hobby event for beauty and fashion designers. Once you unlock a hairstyle, it is yours and you get to keep it. If you already participated in this event before, you may no longer unlock the hairstyles you already have.


Chocolate Egg Chase Quest

You have seven days to complete this quest. When you do, you get bunny onesies for your sims. If you previously participated in this quest, you can do it again.


Wedding Presents Live Event

If you compete in this event and collect all items, you can unlock the goodies. You can look forward to getting gorgeous gifts, which include a sports car. Enjoy the simulating possibilities in The Sims Freeplay.