Nvidia Extends DLSS Technology To More PC Games


The Nvidia DLSS is a technology that’s designed to boost the frame rates of games so they have sharper images. This will allow game developers to maximize and test the limits of their games. As great as the Nvidia DLSS technology is, it’s not widely available to all game developers.

The neural network was only available to a handful of developers. This means that only a few games are taking advantage of this technology. But that all changed when Nvidia finally decided to make the DLSS technology accessible to more developers. Let’s discuss in more detail in this article what this latest development means.

The Groundbreaking Nvidia DLSS

Before we discuss the Nvidia DLSS becoming more accessible, let’s first talk about what it is. The Nvidia DLSS or Deep Learning Super-Sampling is a neural network that can boost the frame rates of games. What this means is that this technology will provide sharper images and graphics. It’ll also feature a smoother transition to enhance the gaming experience.

With the Nvidia DLSS, a video game can increase or even double its FPS without sacrificing the image quality. The technology uses dedicated AI processors on RTX GPUs to make it generate high-quality images while you’re playing. Before being made more accessible, not many games feature this technology. Some of the titles that you can play that have DLSS enabled are Fortnite, Monster Hunter World, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and several more.


NVIDIA New graphics card
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What’s good about DLSS is that gamers can have higher FPS speeds when they play the game. Previously, you needed a high-level RTX graphics card to run higher FPS without experiencing any issues. But with the DLSS technology, it’s now possible to do that, even if you are only using entry-level RTX graphics. The technology transforms low-res games into high-res ones. This technology also makes it possible for developers to take advantage of 8K resolution when they’re developing their games.

How Nvidia Will Increase Access to DLSS

Nvidia is making the DLSS technology accessible to more video game developers by making it available on Unreal Engine 4. It’s one of the most popular game engine software that is used by many developers. By making the DLSS technology accessible in Unreal Engine 4, many game developers will be able to use this tech in the games they’ll create.


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The great thing about this is that developers won’t need any sort of application to access the technology. The DLSS technology is available in Unreal Engine 4 as a plugin– making it accessible to most developers. This will open up the doors for more high-resolution games being developed. The gaming world has already seen leaps and breakthroughs when it comes to graphical evolution. And the DLSS technology has further enhanced that, paving the way for more graphical breakthroughs to come to video games.

This will make playing games much more fun, entertaining, and exciting. Of course, to properly enjoy a DLSS game, you will need an Nvidia RTX graphics card. Without it, you won’t be able to run the feature on the game. The DLSS coming to Unreal Engine 4 is not that surprising. AMD’s version of the same technology will soon launch and they will likely make it available to everyone.

So, if Nvidia wants the DLSS to compete, they also have to make it accessible to everyone. And this latest development has shown just that. Now’s the perfect time to play all kinds of great PC games. This is especially true if you have an NVIDIA RTX graphics card. The video card war continues to on and we can only hope that the ongoing competition can pave the way for a more immersive gaming experience.