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Midnight Fight Express – To Play or Skip It For Another One?


Midnight Fight Express is a modernistic third-person 3D roaming battler. This isometric brawler with some brutality to show. The game came out by an independent developer named Jacob Dzwinel and features a soundtrack by Noisecream. You will find Midnight Fight Express appealing if you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto.

This action game casts the player as a fighting machine with murderous intent. Players will have the freedom to taunt, injure, and even murder enemies. The game offers an explosive naturalness to the brawling pursuits. This element makes the game blissfully empowering compared to the other games of a similar ilk in the genre.

A Quick Rundown on Midnight Fight Express’ Storyline

Midnight Fight Express is a bone-crunching action game that feels like Hotline Miami with Jason Statham’s action flick elements or The Punisher comics. You will be role-playing as the main character, Babyface, a former member of the criminal underworld.

After leaving a dark past behind, Babyface is being lured back into this world of violence by a mysterious person controlling a drone that has recently been placed in your apartment. Suffering from amnesia, you will face impossible missions where you will fight all over the city before sunrise.

Your primary mission when playing Midnight Fight Express is to prevent a bloody citywide criminal plot. Midnight Fight Express offers a relentless torrent of violence alongside a less complicated storyline.

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The narrative is pretty shallow, but the plot twists and dramatic story make it enough to keep gamers engrossed in finishing the game to see its conclusion. The gangs will provide silly dialogues and antics, which are often entertaining.

Midnight Fight Express offers 41 levels that are neatly divided into several interconnected areas.  Even so, you get more and more information about your enemies, whose importance is usually forgotten at the end of the level. Despite this, each level feels like a perfectly staged Hollywood fight scene.

Things to Know About Midnight Fight Express’ Gameplay

The gameplay in Midnight Fight Express is more focused on a singular facet similar to the Batman Arkham combat style. One of your main goals when playing this game is to inflict the worst damage to your enemies. The smooth transition between the main character’s grapples and evasions to picking up weapons while rolling away from enemies is mostly not seen.

However, this element manifests the game’s intelligent inclination to other roaming fighter games and their silver screen counterparts. In this regard, Midnight Fight Express underlines reactions to counterattacks and initiating flashy finishing moves when landing repeated hits on the enemies.

Spicing up each fight is the main character’s ability to utilize his surroundings, such as pushing enemies against walls, throwing random objects, and grabbing tools like knives. Using their enormous firepower in specific encounters can also be a great way of turning you into a virtual version of John Wick instantaneously.

More About The Gameplay

As you progress in the game, your main character can acquire a repertoire of skills. Every time you finish a level, you will have points you can use to level up your skill tree. The game’s skill tree is part into different fields, namely finishers, striking, grapples, and special ammunition for a sidearm.

Midnight Fight Express on Steam
Image Source: Steam – Midnight Fight Express

Fret not if, in the beginning, you can only utilize one or two of these disciplines; eventually, you can unlock and use everything. And when that happens, you will have a diversity of offensive options and their respective cool animations that wow the audience.

Make use of your combos to take down the bad guys in style. Take note that enemies from each level are different. You will encounter only a few types of bad guys but will deal with several of them in every stage.

The increased difficulty will be apparent in the more significant number of enemies and the deadliness of their weapons or attacks. The constant grab-and-smash combat style can be stale and boring to some players.

Our Final Thoughts on Playing Midnight Fight Express

Music-wise, Midnight Fight Express has individual tracks for each of the 40 levels. Despite that, the soundtracks are not that entertaining, considering this came from Noisecream. Perhaps this is because Noisecream’s tracklist for My Friend Pedro was one of that game’s highlights. The levels becoming too easy to complete or looking too familiar makes the game mediocre.

However, there are standout elements including a jet ski chase and train brawl. Overall, Midnight Fight Express has interesting tidbits that make it a compelling beat ’em-up game.

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