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Announced on June 2, 2022, and launched on August 16 in the same year, Rollerdrome promises a unique single-player third-person shooter experience for the PS5, PS4, and PC. The game masterfully combines fast-paced action with fluid movement to produce an action experience unlike any other. With that in mind, today, we will take a quick view of the game’s review consensus. Let’s find out if this skating and shooting hybrid is worth spending $29.99 of your hard-earned cash.

Story & Setting

Rollerdrome features a stylized, cel-shaded look that overpraises the game’s atmospheric retrofuture theme. Speaking of, the retro graphic design of Rollerdrome is what stands out right away. The developers managed to minimize the necessary technical requirements while still achieving the maximum scenic impression, which is impressive.

Moving forward, the game takes place in the year 2030, where a large multinational company by the name of Matterhorn rules and controls the entire economy. To ensure that the general public is unaware of the situation, this firm developed the Rollerdrome. It is a bloody sports program in which the finest athletes compete to escape from stadiums filled with heavily armed opponents alive. Modern gladiators fight using roller skates, weapons, and rocket launchers in place of chariots and glades. Sounds familiar? if you are a millennial or Gen X, you will surely relate to its theme. In fact, the Lead producer Drew Jones described the game in the interview as having “a lot of amazing inspiration from the 1970s,” noting Norman Jewison’s Rollerball and Stephen King’s The Running Man as two examples.

Rollerdrome Review - Story

For the most part, Rollerdrome’s narrative is a bit shallow, although it does not mean that it needs an intricate one. Come to think of it, Kara Hassan’s journey to the top is enough to keep the momentum going. Players take the role of Kara Hassan, a newcomer in the world-renowned Rollerdrome league. After joining the league, the protagonist ultimately accomplishes something that no one thought possible. It is winning the championship in the same year she entered, taking down top athletes along the way. With that said, for those looking for an in-depth explanation, various periodicals and texts are littered across the game. All you need to do is explore.

Rollerdrome’s Gameplay

Both players and critics agree that Rollerdrome is a wonderfully chaotic and challenging video game. You’ll discover very quickly that remaining motionless is an open invitation to be obliterated in a ferocious storm of guided-missile explosions and sniper fire. You must always move and must never stop moving. Skate as if your life were on the line because it is. You’ll enjoy Rollerdrome’s flow right away if you like games with quick, fluid action.

Rollerdrome Review - Gameplay

This fast-paced action game takes advantage of advanced technical techniques to produce “flow-state mayhem.” In this heart-pounding action shooter, players must dominate with style in dramatic, intense combat where takedowns grant health to players and doing tricks/grinds provides ammo. Wheeling is only half the battle. The other half is taking out opposing House Players, which can be challenging when you’re moving quickly up and down ramps and slopes. Reflex Time, Kara’s target-focus skill, may be activated by holding down the L2 button. This briefly slows down time so she can aim more precisely, engage special weapon effects, quickly shoot past enemy defenses, and clearly identify dangers.

Weapons & Missions

High scores translate to better results when players complete a level and a higher rank when registering on leaderboards. All of the objectives are achievable by chaining enemy takedowns. While different weapons have distinct tactical advantages, some are more useful than others depending on the circumstance. For instance, the powerful Grenade Launcher works well against enemies that can protect from basic projectiles. You can also use it for some who are agile enough to make a quick escape once hit. However, it is not particularly effective against enemies who can do either of these things.

Rollerdrome Review - Weapon

Throughout the Rollerdrome competition, players take on a specific challenge. Establish your supremacy in the arena by climbing online leaderboards. To accomplish this, players must take on a punishing mode called Out for Blood, which is considered the ultimate test of agility and skills.

Tricks for Treats

How much you develop and learn while playing Rollerdrome is what makes it more fantastic. It won’t be simple at first; you’ll have trouble managing your ammo, chaining enemy takedowns, and dodging dangers. Every new arena battle will seem oppressive, like a fight for bare survival in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Rollerdrome Review - Tricks

However, you’ll notice something as you continue to play Rollerdrome. When you go back to the difficult stages and attempt to finish their list of challenges: you’re learning. You will improve as you progress. Another thing is that you can easily avoid adversaries because you can grasp their patterns. Having complete control over the game makes it easier for you to level up. You can maneuver as an invincible John Wick on wheels doing acrobatic stunts while shooting and sliding.

Is it Worth it?

For $29.99, Rollerdrome is definitely worth it. To that end, the game is doing pretty well in terms of reviews. Both players and critics from the platform where the game is available are quite satisfied if not impressed by the game. Rollerdrome, as of writing, has a Metascore of 81/100 and a 7.7/10 user rating for the PC. PS5 users, on the other hand, gave the game a 7.8/10 with a 79/100 Metascore. Be guided that these ratings are subject to changes.

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